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White Republican Who Lied About Being Black Also Falsified His Address


Politicians are expected to indulge in high levels of seediness but Dave Wilson hit a new low with a campaign he ran to get elected to win a seat on the Houston Community College board.

Wilson shamelessly admitted he kept his face out of public view during this past November’s election and sent out flyers peppered with African-American faces to mislead voters that he too, was Black.

The wool-pull was deemed successful as the conservative Republican and gay rights opponent was elected in the midst of a swarm of liberal Democrats.

Now it’s being reported that his skintone isn’t the only fib he used to gain leverage. Apparently his residence that he used to gain eligibility is nothing more than his name on a piece of paper.

Reports KHOU:

Wilson claims he lives in an apartment above a business he owns, but county attorneys argue that it is just a ruse he assumed to run for the Houston Community College Board of Trustees. They are trying to convince a judge to issue a restraining order against him.

“He claims to live in a warehouse,” said Robert Soard, first assistant with the Harris County Attorney’s Office. “He claims to not live with his wife, and there’s other evidence that will come out.”

Wilson’s lawyer Keith Gross claims his client is being singled out but doesn’t the saying go, “once a liar, always a liar?”

Photo: KHOU

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  • lol

    Those white people are the biggest liars,, who the H goes out of their way to scam people )especially blk people) oh yeah i know ,.WHITE PEOPLE!

  • Josephine Bass

    Good for Him. More white people should do this; goes to show how racist black people are. They never did want integration; because they never wanted or intended to live up to the white peoples standards they just wanted what the white people had – civil rights was a war of have-nots vs the haves.