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Rawcus – “White People Crazy” [VIDEO]


Ladies and gentleman, this is your next viral video sensation. A rapper named Rawcus has dropped a video for a ditty called “White People Crazy,” and it’s pretty much everything you would expect from such a title.

Sporting a flow on par with your favorite struggle trap rapper, Rawcus drops verses relaying the craziness of white people, referring to such sterling examples as tiger blood enthusiast Charlie Sheen, former jailbird Martha Stewart and twerk thirstbucket Miley Cyrus.

Is this a stunning example of reverse racism? Maybe, even if that term is a farce. Is it funny because of all the videos of white people (it really could be anybody from any race, though), doing crazy stuff? Definitely.

This visua is like the answer to all the damage done by shows like Love & Hip Hop, and Flavor Of Love, as well as Madea movies.

Safe bet it will be going viral. Also, a troll is surely putting together a “Black People Crazy” clip right now. And, how ill would it be if Rawkcus turns out to be white himself?

Nevertheless, watch the video for “White People Crazy” below.

[H/T HipHopObama]

Photo: YouTube

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