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Ex-NBA Player Javaris Crittenton Now Has Drug Charge To Go With Murder Indictment


Javaris Crittenton was a member of the Washington Wizards so he knows a thing or seven about losing in basketball, but he’s really fouling out in the game of life right now.

He was formally indicted on murder charges in April of 2013 after he allegedly and inadvertently shot a woman after he was busting back at local hoods.

Now the alphabet boys by the name of the DEA are saying he also conspired to move bricks of cocaine and marijuana while he was out and about in Atlanta.

Somebody should have taken this man’s Gucci Mane MP3’S and permanently deleted them from his computer. That Wizards bench doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?


Crittenton and 13 other people were named in the indictment that was initially the result of an investigation conducted by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, according to a source close to the investigation. According to that source, Crittenton conspired to deal cocaine and marijuana in the months before he was indicted last year for his alleged role in an August 2011 Atlanta shooting death.

Shortly after 6 a.m. ET Wednesday, DEA agents, federal marshals and local police descended on Crittenton’s home on a cul de sac in Fayetteville, a suburb just south of Atlanta. Crittenton was led away in handcuffs and was booked into the Fulton County Jail. A call to Crittenton’s Atlanta-based attorney, Brian Steel, went unreturned.

What remains unclear is how long Crittenton was allegedly dealing cocaine and marijuana. He will have an initial court appearance Thursday morning on those charges; he had been on limited house arrest as he awaited trial for murder.

Crittenton’s biggest claim to fame in a NBA jersey is being that player who drew first at Wizards teammate Gilbert Arenas, causing both of them to be basically booted from the league.

Obviously the most serious charge of is the one of murder but if convicted for both, it will make it difficult for him to ever be released on parole. Good grief.

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