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What’s Eating Lil TerRio, Or Better Yet…. [PHOTOS]


It was all good just a tweet ago, or should we say a Vine in this case. Many Vine stars rose to the top, but few have gotten attention like TerRio, a 7-year-old kid from Riverdale, Ga. known for dancing and talking trash to his older cousin Maleek.

Some would say that TerRio (also known as Lil TerRio) is partially responsible for the social media platform staying afloat after many thought Instagram’s at-the-time new video feature would be its unforeseen ether.

Since last year, a lot has changed for the kid. For starters, he’s one of the youngest people you’ll see with extremely active social media accounts. He’s also been known to host a party or two at a club in a city near you. There’s merchandise featuring his familiar “Oohh!! Kill Em,” catch phrase. And last but not least, he’s gained a fair share of weight since the world first laid eyes on him (which is most frightening).

On paper, TerRio had all the makings of an Internet sensation turned web series star. And while that’s happened to an extent, things have taken a turn in the extreme for a kid who can’t legally work for nine more years. These days, reactions to his videos range from laughter to confusion to genuine concern. That said, we couldn’t fault anyone for thinking TerRio is being exploited.

If you’re unfamiliar or care to see where TerRio started and what he’s become, take a look at the gallery on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram

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  • girlgirl

    why is this dude so fat?

    • Mak

      Mama wont make his chubby lumpkins a$$ exercise and eat properly

      • NiHi

        Behind every fat kid is a fat parent. This is really sad. When I was growing up overweight kids were 1 in 10, now it’s more like 6 in 10.

  • guest

    They are exploiting this kid. What’s gonna happen when lil terio the kid become grown a$$ terio the man. Ooh Kill won’t be cute anymore and all those opportunists will be gone. smh my heart goes out to him

  • Why isn’t the story on one page? Desperate for views, smh.

  • TxCaramelHillbilly

    I feel so sad for this poor little boy. Since when is obesity acceptable? Complete and utter child abuse!

  • NormenBatez

    Somewhere it’s an adult exploiting this little boy because he’s overweight.