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What’s Eating Lil TerRio, Or Better Yet…. [PHOTOS]


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  • girlgirl

    why is this dude so fat?

    • Mak

      Mama wont make his chubby lumpkins a$$ exercise and eat properly

      • NiHi

        Behind every fat kid is a fat parent. This is really sad. When I was growing up overweight kids were 1 in 10, now it’s more like 6 in 10.

  • guest

    They are exploiting this kid. What’s gonna happen when lil terio the kid become grown a$$ terio the man. Ooh Kill won’t be cute anymore and all those opportunists will be gone. smh my heart goes out to him

  • Why isn’t the story on one page? Desperate for views, smh.

  • TxCaramelHillbilly

    I feel so sad for this poor little boy. Since when is obesity acceptable? Complete and utter child abuse!

  • NormenBatez

    Somewhere it’s an adult exploiting this little boy because he’s overweight.