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Supreme Clientele: 8 Reasons Why Ghostface Killah Is the Star Of VH1’s Couples Therapy [PHOTOS]


Ghostface Killah is a bonafide reality star. Ghost appears on the new season of VH1’s Couples Therapy with “girlfriend”  Kelsey Nykole.

So far, Nykole seems like she genuinely cares about Ghost, but can’t really get behind his lifestyle. Even worse, years in the public eye may have warped the Wu member’s grasp on reality, either that or he’s been hurt so badly by women that his heart is no longer open for business.

Needless to say, the emotional blockage is making for some pretty good reality TV. Not that the show is all that great to begin with, but whenever Ghost is on the screen you know things are going to get interesting.

He’s also keeping in the “I give no f*cks” tradition championed by DMX. His season was pretty crazy, and like Ghost he had issues with being committed to a seemingly loyal woman.   Go figure.

Anyway, Ghostface Killah is the star of Couples Therapy.

Hit the gallery  below to see why.

Photos: VH1

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  • Legendary Trolly

    Hell yea Ghost made me a fan.

  • bigdawgman

    Dude is too old to be doing this foolishness. Quit playing with that little girl’s feelings and cut her loose. Find a woman who will put up with you having other women and not get caught up in her feelings. Otherwise, there ain’t nothing but pain in your future.

  • Elle

    cant stand him

  • VeryObservant

    His words are simplistic, although misconstrued. Four months is a courtship. Not a relationship. The aggressive tone can be quite intimidating, but to an ‘idealistic’ woman such as Kelsey, the frustrated undertones behind a redundant question can almost seem morally justified. Kelsey just didn’t get it, and neither did the psychologist.