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Every aspiring young artist doesn’t take a rapper’s form (thank God). There are plenty of talented up-and-comers with different variations of creative expression.

Brothers Dee and Ricky have lended their superior minds to help give Marc Jacobs, G-Shock and most famously a Lego-inspired heart pins collection a whole new idenity. The later was made popular by Kanye West and Brother Questlove who rocked the pendants with pride.

The Staten Island natives have been assigned a new task by Starter to create a new capsule collection for three pieces to add to the Starter Black Label line. Two hats (snapback and knit cap) and a crewneck fleece later, they’ve made good on their commission with trademark flair.

In a statement regarding the special launch, Dee proudly stated, “We play with an unconventional set of rules, and thus felt it was only right to create our own teams to represent the game of our lives! We approached the Starter Black Label Collection with our unique point of view, resulting in an individualistic twist on team sports, as we are by no means a traditional team.”

There are also iPod cases, custom duffle bags and laptop cases created just for the capsule. You know kids these days have to accessorize.

Starting tomorrow, January 23, the products will be available at the official SBL website but for now, hit the gallery to see the goods they cooked up from their cerebellum this time around.

Photo: Facebook, Starter

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