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Bronx Man Dies In Emergency Room After Waiting 8 Hours [PHOTOS]


The healthcare system in the United States has long been the target of scrutiny but the case of 30-year-old John Verrier has raised some serious red flags all across the board.

He simply checked himself into Saint Barnabas Hospital’s emergency room after complaining of a rash.

Eight hours later, he was dead.

Via ABCLocal:

The patient, a 30-year-old man walked into St. Barnabas Hospital’s Emergency Room Sunday night around 10 p.m. complaining about a rash. His vitals were taken and he was told to sit in the packed waiting room until his name was called. At 6:40 the next morning, he was found by a security guard, dead in a waiting room chair.

“He was found stiff blue and cold.” “He was there for a while,” said a hospital worker.

The ER worker says if the hospital fails to face up to its mistakes, they will happen again.

“In healthcare, I understand it’s a business but if people are dying under your watch, something has to be done,” he said.

The report also begins stating how Saint Barnabas Hospital is very good at what they do.

Whether ABC is looking not to burn bridges or looking out for employees not involved in this incident, it is not going to bode well for anyone who has a case of the sniffles in the near future.

Hit the gallery to see pics of the late John Verrier and the hospital, just in case you want to make a detour if you live in the area.

Photo: ABCLocal, Facebook

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  • Peter Rudy

    Another worthless ” African – American ” warped , twisted , biased and unethical self promoting ” news ” rag .

    • Amanda Rose Bercier

      Way to go pull the racial card! Go back under your damn rock you disrespectful prick!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eric N Ticia Huydic

      Ah yes. He dies under the care of the hospital & yet this is his fault. Typical American thing to say, sir.

    • Ann

      There is a special hell for white people like you .is that got you got. You should be ashame of do you know what he is.I thought most white man were child molester .so how can your race speak about anybody.serial killers,rapist ,wife killer .close your stinky foul mouth. About him.

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        Your grammar is just awful. To quote the principal in the movie “Billy Madison”:

        Mr. Madison, what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      • wayne wright

        It always amazes me that people can go through the same school system as the rest of us and yet have no clue how to speak the language. When you see ‘someone’ from Alabama or Detroit or Wisconsin or LA speaking the same broken English, you just got to be knowin’ that it be ‘tentional. But by all means don’t make me out to be any different – I’ll do that by myself and call you a racist for noticing. Every black entertainer and celebrity be talking like they just stepped out of the ghetto and proud of it. Seems to me that it wasn’t too long ago that minorities resented the ‘Amos and Andy’ stereotype whereas now they go out of their way to show it.

      • Shanny

        What the eff does that have to do with the topic at hand? Please spare us your senseless rants.

      • apprxam

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    • Jasmin joy

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    • Joe

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    • Carmen Johnson

      Damn wht r u blind or something or just ignorant.Please show me any parts of him that says Africa ameriican

  • J T

    The loss of anyone who willingly has a facial or neck tattoo is no real loss at all.

    • joe blo

      Neither are you ? Your a rather worthless pos too. You have no clue what he does do you. Stupid a$$ people.

    • wardog200404

      Your probably some idiot who has no life or a family and is just jealous that the story isn’t about you. How can anyone judge someone just by the way they look or just means you are ignorant with very little education and is afraid to step out of your littleaapartment and see the real world.

      • J T

        It’s not JUST the way he looks or dresses. I’m judging him based on his poor decisions to PERMANENTLY and WILLINGLY disfigure him self with a neck tattoo, completely disregarding the effect that will have on future career prospects and societal acceptance. I have a 4-year Bachelor of Science degree, and I am employed full time in a managerial position. If I had a neck or face tattoo, I would most certainly NOT be in this management position. If somebody is happy flipping burgers or washing cars for a living, then sure, go ahead and disfigure yourself with a neck/face tattoo.

      • guest

        You are just as ignorant as they come..I am a white woman who has a bachelor’s degree and I am also in a management position like yourself, except for the fact that I too have a tattoo on my neck that I got when I was a teenager.. I have no police record or anything, so really you cannot say that just because someone has a neck tattoo does not mean anything..

      • Logic and Reason

        Congrats! Your an exception to what is generally a very true stereotype (At least in my experience). Unfortunately, that is just it, your an exception. Im very surprised you havent removed that tat considering the INCREDIBLE workplace stigma with it. I almost have to doubt what youve said based on that alone.

        P.S. I also have my bachelors and am white while we’re throwing that out here 😛

      • julie

        If you have a degree, you should know the difference between “your” and “you’re”, and know when to use each correctly.

      • Regina Taylor

        My son has tattoos on his neck, arms, and hands. Guess what? He is a manager of a Fortune 500 company, and he has just received a promotion. He will be training other managers. Please, lose the stereotypes.

      • Shaunatate

        I’ll just chalk up your idiotic statements as a result of sheer ignorance. Perhaps you never knew that many, if not most military vets received tattoos early in their career. If I remember correctly, this was a trend that started during the WW2 Era. This practice was especially popular among naval men.

        My question to you is:

        How would 80+y/o vets fit into your “exception to the rule” rule?

        And I just going to brush this off as the paranoid ramblings of an ignorant, “bitter at the world” type of person. Someone who walks through life angry at the world because of some perceived unfair treatment towards them.

        Hmmm??? Does that sound about right???

      • Aasia Sofia Lazaro

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      • Unknown

        What you’re saying is not factual this is a new day & age you need to get out in the real world!! When you do you will see all kinds of professionals with tatts or body piercing visible for all to see stop being nieve and open ur eyes!! You must live under a rock or something because nowadays these kinds of ppl you doubt exist in the professional world are the ones running these Fortune 500 companies! Get over yourself all of you negative ppl thus young man is dead because of lack if concern for human life and carelessness so stfu and get real!!!

      • Carmen Johnson

        Thank u

      • Bella B

        Another ignorant remark by someone who obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about. There are plenty of products on the market today, that will hide a tattoo completely.

      • Carmen Johnson

        I have and it’s not big but it’s noticable.In fact he has been comment on it.

      • guest

        No one has a right to judge anyone, period!!

      • Bella B

        Tattoos can easily be covered with make up. I recently watched a show and they set up for a group of people to view others and then had them judge what type of work they did. A man was being viewed and had several tattoos, and most of the group thought he was unemployed, or worked at a minimum wage job. Later it revealed he had his A psychiatrist and had attended a very good university. He did have his tattoos on his arms, so they could be covered. But to judge someone based only on a tattoo that they have is very narrow minded. This poor young man died because no one took the time to check on him. This Gould have been easily avoided. A rash can lead to someone to stop breathing, and he should have never been left there to sit for 8 hours, without a staff member checking on him and other people waiting to be seen periodically. My prayers go out to his family and friends, and that something will be done so this doesn’t happen again.

      • Carmen Johnson

        Wht is it to u? If that’s wht people like to do than so be it.To each e’s own.

      • Trey VonZimmer

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      • Shannon

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      • J T

        Shannon, good luck not running that once-successful business that you inherited into the ground. You have made poor life decisions, and therefore most likely you make poor business decisions as well. Also, it’s “you’re”, not “your.”

      • Disqususer8675309

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      • J T

        Lol, just noticed YOUR comment.

    • Shanny

      He’s still a human being. How insensitive!

    • colby

      I served in the US Army as 68w combat medic for 12 years, did 2 tours to iraq and 3 to Afghanistan. I am tattooed from my neck down to my ankles… didnt your parents ever teach you to not judge a book by its cover?

      • Shaunatate

        Thank you for your service. I had to make the same point to an idiot in another thread. And from what I remember from talks with my father(‘Nam Vet) the tattoo this among the enlisted became really popular among the Great War/WW2 crowd. Tattoos are more popular than people would assume. I have a visible Zeppelin arm tat, and I work in a popular well respected pharmacy with the public. I’ve never gotten the stink eye from any customers, the clientele in my neighborhood tend to be a bit snooty. Lol. Actually they usually comment in a very positive way, enjoying the artwork.



    • Guest



      John Verrier
      John Verrier

  • KDV

    I wonder what caused his death, very sad ;(

    • Cramsplaturd

      Maybe flesheating bacteria 🙁

  • joe blo

    Hospitals are for profit business since when do they give a rats a$$ about your health? They care about profits and how to prolong your illnesses to maximize those profits Americans are stupid If they don’t know that by now

  • SusieQue

    It seems to me that the best way to be seen in an ER, if you aren’t obviously bleeding to death or in cardiac arrest, is to have your primary doctor refer you and call ahead to tell them you are coming. It is essential to have a primary doctor, no matter your age. You need someone you can call after hours and get a referral to the ER if you need it.

    • kaykay Jones

      You won;’t get in any faster, even with a referral. They take what they believe to be the most serious cases. The rest wait….and wait….and wait. I waited 8 hours with a referral. People were literally camped out everywhere. The ER is seriously understaffed and overworked.

      • Yo_Mama_Beeotch

        I agree, I got a referral from my primary and my daughter and I were waiting 12 hours to be seen. Turned out she had meningitis. Thanks for the EMERGENCY service. Most people would be better of going to urgent care or a primary doctor, because the fact that it is an EMERGENCY seems to be lost on ER employees.

  • Amanda Rose Bercier

    Who cares if this man has tattoos n his neck or facial tattoos! This man died while waiting to be seen by a Dr. Some people have no sense of respect whatsoever! Its understandable that the staff may have been busy. But how does someone go unnoticed for that long? Some people need to stop with the racial bullshit! Who cares if the deceased man was African-American…what if he was Caucasian? Would that make it more news worthy? It is absolutely disgusting how people play the whole racial card when it comes to anything in the media! Give it up already!


    Think it’s bad now! This has NOTHING to do with race. Wait Til the so called ACA goes into full swing. There are going to be more and more deaths. WATCH LOOK AND LISTEN!

  • John

    I’m from Serbia, and I thought that mentioned case is possible to happen only in my country due to the specific administrative processes. Now I realize that it can happen anywhere in the world. It’s really pitty in such case, but it seems that the certain circumstances are as they exist.

  • jeff cole

    Hard to qualify this place as an emergency room if people die waiting!

  • stef

    So sad!!! This guy dies and instead of people giving sympathy and saying nice words u guys are bashing a guy who died that’s evil u should be be bashing the hospital its so sad that no one shows love for our neighbors

  • tnwoman1948

    Rest in peace, John Verrier. I am sorry he had to die at such a young age, but at least he won’t have to put up with the cruelty and ignorance of this world. My deepest AND sincerest sympathies to his loved ones. So sad!!

  • Gonna

    Hmmm I wonder what the actual cause of death was. Sure, he had a rash. However, generally speaking, rashes are not deadly and thus not a cause of death. If the rash was a symptom of a bigger issue, like virus. One would believe determining the cause of death would be the #1priority. Just saying.

    • Guest

      Rashes can be caused by food allergies and that alone can be deadly!!! Wake up people! And as far as the tattoos I’ve seen plenty of people that are way higher up than management like some of you have spoken of . It’s not whats on your body that they are hiring you for! It’s the knowledge and ways with people you have. And by what ive seen , none of you should be in any management position!

  • Thomas

    So sad

  • Thomas

    He was such a good person

  • kip p

    What interests me, is while the vast majority of comments posted to this thread discuss the potential race of this unfortunate man, no one bothered to take a look at the remaining 7 pictures attached to the article. Upon reviewing the pictures you will be surprised to find that the mourning family members of the deceased are in fact non African American. Hmm, I can’t tell if they are Caucasian or Latino, but they are most definitely not African American.

  • wayne wright

    Playing the racial card always seems to be the first step. The fact the hospital employees he first dealt with were probably minority should be taken into consideration. If he had medical insurance he would have been treated sooner and if he hadn’t been there over a shift change he might not have been over looked. It was the hospital’s fault he died because even if they checked out his rash they may have missed the actual cause of death without extensive testing.

  • Michelle

    Not one of any of us can judge this man. What happened is a tragedy. It is saddeneing the comments have turned into nothing about the tragedy that has occurred but titles and judgments. Degree or no degree tattoo or no tattoo a very young man has died. We will all including myself have our day of judgment. Now is not the time for judgment but for prayer. Please stop all of the hatred and pray for one another.

    • Carmen Johnson

      Nicely said

    • Giovanna Lynn

      Amen Michelle!!! I agree with you 100%!!! Stop all the hate and take a moment to pray for this man’s family! !!!

  • Adam

    Americans are sick.

  • Jay Lamont


  • Jmile

    I think most ppl are missing the point here… This man died alone in a hospital chair with at least a dozen others around and every one of them were so concerned with themselves that they didn’t bother to look out for their fellow man. Not to mention the rash he came in with. If even one of those nurses had been worth their salt they would have at least given him something to TRY to counteract the bad reaction he was having while he waited in the ER for hours. Even I know that when you see ANYONE with a rash it is because they are having a bad reaction to something! They could have given him some Benadryl to stop or slow down his issue…my guess is that he had anaphylactic shock to something and went in to respiratory or cardiac distress and stopped breathing. The point is that illness and problems such as these don’t care if you are black or white. If it’s dangerous enough to kill you then it will do just that!!! I feel so sorry for this man and his family I hope now he is resting in paradise. He didn’t even get to say goodbye!!!!!

  • holly

    How sad that this poor guy died all alone in a place surrounded by health care workers. I sat for 7 hours at a local ER in horrendous pain, I even collapsed on the floor trying to get to the bathroom and all they did was put me back in a chair and told me to wait.

  • Angie MyVegas

    I think a bigger issue is WTF kind of rash that was. Do rashes just kill people? Is it contagious?

  • Mike

    He looks hispanic, you racist looser

  • City Resident

    How is that Hope AND Change working for all you ? Things are only going to get worse because there will not be enough doctors in the new ACA law.Next time when there is this big event to vote..Vote for qualified people and just don’t vote because of their color.

  • Jenn M

    How is this the hospitals fault??? He was triaged and asked to wait with the other non emergencies. And if he was cold and stiff he likely died right after he sat down. It takes hours to become cold

  • FF/EMT

    Really horrible how we allow our system to fail him and many others. Do no harm? What selective code of ethics are we adhering too? Despite the many opinions, the fact is that a failure has occurred with the possibility of no supportive corrective action. Let’s hope someone’s opinion does not allow this to happen to us or our loved ones.

  • D. G.

    People need to start pushing back against bad government and bad health care. Personal leadership training can help you make the difference.
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  • Constance Victoria Lane

    Sure it wasn’t Fairfield Medical Center in Lancaster, Ohio? I used to work there and the nightshift ER doc would come in go to the Doctor’s Lounge go to bed and tell them not to wake him unless it was really bad.

  • Jay Lamont