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Last night’s 56th Annual Grammy Awards wasn’t just a big night for Pharrell, his head gear had an equally big showing. That hat was on the move last night, and we can’t even be mad at it.


For one, it’s not easy living in the shadow of such a dope producer, so if given a moment to shine, the best move would be to take it and run.

The hat was a new step for Skateboard P but he’s never been shy about flexing his  fashion muscle. What the 40-year-old wears is a big part of what makes him stand out, and (before the hat) earned him a bunch of fashion-related honors like Esquire magazine’s “Best Dressed Man in the World” title.

P  also designs clothes, and doesn’t let fashion confine him to outdated gender restrictions (like when he wore a woman’s purse). Dedicating himself to the fashion cause means taking risks, and last night Mr. P’s  brown hat bravely stepped into the social media firing squad to protect its fearless leader.

Thankfully, the hat was big enough to shield itself from social media slander, and managed to have a good time kicking bat the Grammys, and living life. 

Check out seven things Pharrell’s hat did at the Grammys.



Photos: Tumblr

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