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Lil Boosie Release Date From Prison Now In February, Plans Tour


It sounds like Lil Boosie will be coming home even sooner than expected. In December, it was reported that Boosie was due to walk out of the bing in August 2014

However, according to Boosie’s brother,  Taquari Hatch, he should be released by February 16. This is a few days after the date Miss Info reported yesterday (January 29).

Reports NOLA:

Taquari Hatch told | The Times-Picayune that a previously reported date of Aug. 18, 2014 wasn’t accurate. Due to a slow down in the paperwork process at the Louisiana Department of Safety and Corrections, the automated offender locator system did not yet reflect the time off of his brother’s sentence that had been accrued, he said.

Torrence Hatch’s current date of release is officially set for May 16, 2014, according to Taquari Hatch, thanks to a substance abuse class Torrence Hatch recently completed. Furthermore, Taquari Hatch expects Torrence Hatch will be out Feb. 16, 2014 once the rapper completes two additional classes at the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

Reportedly, Boosie has written 600 songs while away.

Boosie was originally incarcerated in 2009 for marijuana possession and a parole violation. The he plead guilty in 2011 after being caught attempting to smuggle drugs into the Louisiana State Penitentiary.

The rapper is already planning to tour for the “late spring, early summer” if his release goes as planned.

“He has plans to go straight to the studio to begin working on an album as well as his tour,” Taquari Hatch told  NOLA.

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  • Idius

    Young and dumb… the typical rap artist of 2014… 600 songs? that’s 601 songs too many… Hey Boosie, I got a song for ya and it goes like this… IDGAF… IGAF… IDGAF… IDGAFFFFFFFFFF about you.. This is not newsworthy by any means. I’d much rather read about Justin Bieber’s legal problems then hear about some wannabe street thug getting out of jail after trying to smuggle drugs in to prison… that’s *so* gangsta yo… fuckin dumbshit..

    • ^hes a hater

      U don’t gaf yet your reading and posting about him.. Weird .. I’m confused..

      • Idius

        Let me break it down for ya.. ANYone dumb enough to get caught smuggling drugs in to the ‘Pen is not smart or gansta, it just makes them a dumb wannabe street kid trying to fit in with what they thinks is cool… I came across this story at random and it was the sheer enormity of the stupidity that Boosie has shown that compelled me to comment.

      • Markee

        Lmao Hate Hate Hate Hate Stop DickRiding You Just Soulja hating but Ayy Thou Keep Hating Because Torrence Hatch Coming Home My Dawg Congratulations Keep Hating

      • Idius

        Markee: You actually like and respect what Boosie’s about? Is he your role model or your mentor? I don’t hate anyone and I’ll give it 6 months before he violates his Parole and gets sent back to the ‘pen and his ‘friends’ who will miss him when he get’s out…

      • the real mrs hatch

        Lmmfao uu wild as shyt wit ur haitin ill b sure he finds uu wen he get home see uu soon sweets….

      • Idius

        Awww ‘boo, I’m not hiding or hating. Since you have the ear of Lil Wussie, u tell him he betta bring his A Game cuz otherwise he’s gonna rack up enough strikes to keep his friends in the penitentiary company for the rest of his fake gangsta posin life..

  • Crys

    Welcome baby we love and miss you