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Lil Terrio Posts Pics Of Himself Eating Healthy & Exercising, We Call Bullsh*t [PHOTOS]


By now you should be aware of the exploits of Lil TerRio (see what we did there?). Likely as a way to counter the slander being sent the kid’s way for his increasing girth, he recently took to Instagram to show off a new healthy lifestyle.

However, the over the top healthy code words, imagery and hashtags has us calling bullsh*t.

The caption of a pic of Terrio drinking some green juice reads:

Just hit @thejuicespot and ran into @kingjames and his wife @mrs_savannahrj .. TerRios lovin this “Green Delight”. He said, “This thang fiyya!! And it’s good for you?!” Lol.. Ingredients are Apple, Kale, Spinach, Pear, cucumber, celery. #GetItRightTerRio #TheJuiceSpot . He want to go back and see LeBron he said and get some more juices. Lol. Where you at LeBron??

Word, Terrio is eating kale now? We’re all for the kid getting right, and taking his butt to school, but this reeks of struggle.

The 7-year-old’s enablers are now basically making a joke of this child’s health condition. If he is indeed trying to eat better, good for him. But, there is no sincerity in seeing TerRio on a an exercise bike in camo pants and “sparring,” bruh.

Check out the pics in the gallery, and watch your portions. Also, pray for TerRio.

Photos: Instagram

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  • jpwatts

    He is a product of his upbringing…He got it honestly from his mom… That apple just dropped from that tree.smdh

    • MsCreative1


  • Jayde da Blade

    I guess, he living on the internet so i guess he trying to show something has changed…better than not trying to do a got dang thang at all i guess …like i said in the beginning i guess.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    wheres his daddy?!

  • Im_The_Truth

    I’m glad he is starting some where. He got so big since he became known.

  • Lisa

    This is not cute, It child abuse and child exploitation. Child services need to be investigating this boys family. ASAP