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Hip-Hop Wired: What was your thought process while creating Free Crack?

Lil Bibby: Um, I don’t really know. I was all over the place. It was a 10 month process, so I really didn’t have no one thought process. I was all over the place.

HHW: So would you say it was an “art imitates life” situation?

Lil Bibby: Yeah, exactly.

HHW: I notice that the project has two distinct sounds — Chicago’s Drill and soul. What made you switch between the two?

Lil Bibby: Because I really like the soulful sound, you know? That’s my favorite, but Chicago, you know they want that sound, so I couldn’t leave them. You know?

HHW: That’s totally understandable. But you said soulful beats are your preference. Why is that?

Lil Bibby: I don’t know. I just like talking about stuff that I’m going through sometimes, or just regular problems. All those trap beats with the heavy bass, I can’t really talk about too much.

HHW: I had a personal/fan question for you too. “Whole Crew” is crazy and it’s produced by Hit-Boy. How did you manage to get a Hit-Boy beat?

Lil Bibby: I’d been trying to get a Hit-Boy joint for a minute, so he finally sent a few joints through. I picked one and I did it, and I sent it back. After that, Hit-Boy, he just got to going crazy. He FaceTimed me. He was just playing the joint out loud — he had a lot of guys in his crib. They were just going crazy.

He was like “Man, send me this man. You got to let me mix this down, man. You know I’m the best at that.” I sent it to him. He just mixed it down, added a few more sounds, and then he sent me 10 more beats.

HHW: So you may have more tracks with Hit-Boy on the way?

Lil Bibby: Yeah. Yeah, I like Hit-Boy.

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