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Whitenicious Spokesmodel Dencia Defends Lightening Her Skin


Dencia, the singer and model who lit the Internets on fire by promoting skin bleach cream Whitenicious, didn’t take the criticism of her drastically lightened skin too seriously it seems. Now, the Nigerian/Cameroonian artist staunchly defends her choice to lighten her skin in a recent interview.

Dencia sat down with Ebony.com to discuss the all the chatter around Whitenicious, who is buying the product and if she’s used the product herself to change her skin tone.

Dencia became the face of the product after a chance meeting with a dermatologist on a return trip from Switzerland, and explains that the product has helped her and others deal with problem skin. In the interview, Dencia confronts the question of if she’s bleached her skin head on.

From Ebony.com:

EBONY: So…you haven’t bleached your skin, is what you’re saying? You were tan in the before pictures?

Dencia: Have I…Has my skin lightened from when…like from the past five years? Yes it has. It has. Has it drastically lightened? No it hasn’t. Is it what people are saying? No it’s not.

Trust me, I’ve been running this business for the past three weeks and I’ve read all these emails from girls telling me about how they have this hyperpigmentation, how they have these dark spots. I have seen so many pictures. These girls are not trying to bleach their skin. They’re just trying to get rid of these little things that is making them feel uncomfortable, you know?

Other highlights from the interview is Dencia stating that Black Americans, not Africans as widely reported, are the biggest buyers of Whitenicious, and largely shooting down her critics while gleefully stating how the attention is making her a lot of money.

What do you think of Whitenicious? Is it a harmless skin product or does it promote self-hatred in any way? Let us know in the comments.

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