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Momma Dee Details Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Brawl [LISTEN]

On Wednesday, February 5, there was a brawl between Love & Hip Hop Atlanta castmates at the opening of Stevie J and Benzino’s new restaurant in Atlanta. Momma Dee called in to the Streetz 94.5 to offer some details about what happened, and it turns out the fight involved Benzino’s girlfriend and Shay Johnson. 

The Queen offered up her side of the story to the Streetz Morning Grind show in dramatic fashion.

Mama Dee from Love and Hip Hop called into the Streetz Morning Grind to tell host Rashan Ali what really went down that night.

Mama Dee said “Benzino’s new girlfriend Althea tried Shay Johnson and Shay delivered”.

Mama Dee went on to say that Benzino’s new girlfriend Althea, who appeared to be Joseline’s friend had been pretty much talking trash the entire night to different people.

At the end of the interview, Mama Dee stated “Love and Hip Hop New York stepped  their game up but It ain’t fast enough for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

According to TMZ, the LHH ATL producers called an emergency meeting allegedly because the violence was too out of pocket even for their standards. Apparently, cast members have been banned from fighting in public for fear of lawsuits from civilians who may get hurt in the crossfire.

Check out the interview with Momma Dee below.

Photo: TMZ

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  • Crystal Hughes

    Where do I start.

    • Sky

      You’ve missed ONE HUGE point, which is the fact that these women never had any class to begin with. As the old saying goes… you can put lipstick on a pig, but it will still be a pig! Sadly, these woman aren’t acting for the cameras, they’re actually being their true selves.

  • Porchia80

    They fight on every last reality show but it’s only a problem when they’re black huh? Crabs in a bucket… The only thing a black person has too fear is another black person… I will be watching as usual…. Their job is to ENTERTAIN and they do it well. I refuse to take from another black person’s pockets cuz I want to jump on Massa’s bandwagon… #YeahISaidIt #TruthHurtsHuh

  • Htwn5440

    Not Surprised all they do is fuss and fight. People don’t care what they do on T.V. as long as a check is involved. You signed up for so you got to deliver.