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Kokane Disses Ice Cube For Allegedly Leaving Details Out Of N.W.A Biopic


Not everyone is sharing their enthusiasm for the direction of the upcoming N.W.A flick.

Longtime West Coast chorus crooner Kokane had a few choice words for Ice Cube in a recent interview with HHDX.

Kokane, whose real name is Jerry B. Long, Jr., tells DX that Ice Cube is intentionally omitting information out of the story in a deceiving manner.

When asked about Ice Cube, Kokane pays respect where its due but still states, “You’re a genius, and you show that stereotypes can be lifted off of us, but at the same time you are doing something that’s wrong and foul. You’re purposely leaving out certain information that is vital to the story.”

Kokane explained his thoughts in full saying, “They’re lying saying that they’re getting in touch with people, but Eazy’s children didn’t even get a phone call. I didn’t get a phone call. Above The Law didn’t get a phone call and it’s like they’re doing it for profit, but they’re not doing it authentically from the heart. It’s unethical and it’s foul. it’s like you don’t care. You guys care about getting money. But you know the good thing about it: There’s always hope out there to have the real story told. It’s increments. You gotta go back and touch the people if you wanna get the truth, because there’s so much blockage as far as capital.”

The former member of Eazy E’s Ruthless Records has plans to tell his version of the truth with a project he’s dubbed “Protecting the Ruthless Legacy.” He claims to already have the backing of MC Ren, DJ Yella and Eazy E’s children, among others.

The biopic will depict the life and times of rappers Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, MC Ren, DJ Yella and Ice Cube, who were collectively known as N****z With Attitude, N.W.A for short and censored.

Their seminal debut Straight Outta Compton made headlines by detailing the stark reality of the violent culture in South Central and for the song “F**k the Police,” which spawned a cease and desist letter from Congress that increased the group’s notoriety.

No word as of yet when the biopic will actually see the light of day.

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  • chocolatecitycom

    I’m sure there is more than one story that can come from those NWA days… Eazy s own story…or beginning of west coast rap based movie……movies are two hours….they cant mention every single detail in two hours….come on now…sounds like Kokane is tryin to eat…lol. too. If you ask me. I remember Above the dont take me back to the grey Stanza and cassette tape players. Lol