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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Launching YouTube Show, “Ford Nation” [VIDEO]


Crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s last forray of public indecency on YouTube has sparked a harebrained idea for him to continue making an ass of himself.

He and his brother, Doug, the Toronto City Councillor for Ward 2, are launching a YouTube series called “Ford Nation” that will chronicle their daily antics in the world of Canadian politics.

Reports the AP:

Ford asks people to “please judge me on my record, not my personal life” in a preview posted Thursday.

A news release from Ford’s office says the show will debut Feb. 10 and it encourages “everyone to subscribe to their new channel and hear from them, directly and unfiltered.”

Last November the tabloid Sun News Network canceled the “Ford Nation” television show after only one episode. A radio show was also canceled.

The Ford brothers hope that the series will shed positive light on their competency in office which has been tainted by Rob openly admitting to smoking crack, discussing sexual activity with his wife to the media and appearing drunk in local fast food joints.

The latter incident became an Internet sensation as the embattled mayor was speaking in a faux Jamaican accent to add to the scenario.

Such struggle would have called for the head of any mayor in Detroit but all America’s are not created equal. Check out the news report below.

Photo: Tyler Anderson/National Post

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