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Suge Knight Allegedly Fades Weed Shop Worker [VIDEO]


Suge Knight may want to go ahead and lawyer up. And check his bank account to ensure no overdrafts are going to occur because there is a good chance it is about to get lighter.

After initially claiming that his involvement with a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary employee was a misunderstanding and there was no threatening or death threats on his part of any kind, a surveillance video of the altercation shows Suge’s memory of the event may have been a little hazy.

Reports TMZ:

When you watch the video, things start out friendly enough inside the pot shop — called Medstar Collective — but turn ugly quickly. Suge and the employee walk out and the mogul socks the guy in the jaw without warning … then storms away.

The employee filed a police report and the cops have the video. Suge is being investigated for making felony criminal threats.

Suge’s position — he agreed to make an appearance for cash and weed and they went back on the deal.

No matter the plea or settlement this case brings, it will still amount to more legal drama for Suge. And it’s not the least of his worries. Dr. Dre recently named him and his former label Death Row Records in a lawsuit worth $3M in unpaid royalties.

Video of the dustup is found below. Temper, temper Marion.

Photo: TMZ

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