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Bangin Candy: The Insanely Stacked Sibongile Cummings [PHOTOS]


We admittedly don’t know much about model Sibongile Cummings. We do know she is stacked like a brick house, though. 

From what we gather her homebase is Atlanta and this chocolate colored pleasure to the eyes has a body that won’t quit. We’ve spotted her in various carnival style outfits and costumes, and the way she fills them out easily make her the star of whichever parade she may be in. Add to that her affinity for taking well angled selfies, and we have a legitimate crush.

Add Ms. Cummings (we’re going to assume that’s not her real name) to a growing list of dark-skinned women that laugh in the face of Eurocentric beauty standards. But we know you ain’t here for the words anyway, so…

Feast your eyes on Sibongile Cummings in the gallery.

Photos: Instagram, Twitter

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  • bigdawgman

    This woman can’t be real!! I shouldn’t even be looking at this, but whoooo lawd!!!

  • i know that body a 10 tho

  • The truth

    Sexual Chocolate I wonder what she taste like?

  • big_mars75

    Good Gawd! That woman makes my blood warm!

  • Philly stand UP

    Total ugg mugg

  • blackbypopulardemand

    I would have to hit that in sections
    (Today we start with the tiddays)

  • Dria88

    She looks hideous in my opinion.

    • hatred is a disease.

    • JoeYardie

      you are a woman no? so why even bother this is for the men

  • Evans Machuka

    the first name indicates that she must be from south africa or her parents are

    • JoeYardie

      i think shes from barbados or trinidad.

  • DRUNK247

    Not impressed at all with all the injectables on show

  • JoeYardie

    shes fine!

  • hon3ycocaine

    She’s gorgeous. I love the last picture..she looks stunning in pink.

  • I can see

    she has a strong face,body looks good