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10 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Amina Buddafly Interview [PHOTO]


After the most recent season of Love & Hip Hop New York, reality television has never struggled so badly. Amina Buddafly discussed her journey of side chick to official wife and more with The Breakfast Club.

In an almost 25 minute interview, the R&B singer faced the fire as Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee posed the questions that everyone has been thinking.

Amina still stood up for her husband and gave more details to the tragic story that we saw unfold every Monday night; we still think Peter Gunz is no better though.

So we present the 10 things we learned from The Breakfast Club’s Amina Buddafly interview. If we were surprised by some of these revelations, then you sure will be too.

Let us know what you found most interesting in the comments section below.

Photo: Power 105

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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, but Tara has nobody to hate but herself & Peter. She put herself in a baby mama position. You’re good enough to be with that man for 12 or 13 years & give her two kids, but not worthy of a ring? Secondly, she’s not the only woman he has kids with & she doesn’t have his first – why she thinks she’s some type of special is beyond me. Third, she will still hooking up with Peter knowing he’s married. She’s a hxe herself, but then is going to turn around talking about she hates somebody. She’s mad she met another HER. & it didn’t take her 10+ years & two kids to get him.

    • IJS

      This interview has nothing to do with Tara! This was all about Amina’s stupidity. If a man loves you, regardless of how he feels about his ex, he’ll move mountains to show you how much he cares. Amina got Peter by default. Tara wasn’t having it. Keep in mind if Tara wanted to Abe could’ve kept “sitting on it whenever she wanted to” and there’s nothing Amina would’ve been able to do. Amina is too old to be in this dumb cycle some young women go through.

  • Nisha

    Let’s start off by writing this, Tara has nothing to do with this topic at all. Tara represented herself with great poise and respect at the reunion, and gave greag advice that could help every single one of those cast members. As a woman who had to seat across from a man she loved and sidechick now wife Amina, she did a damn good job keeping her composure, because some women would have lost it and I respect in her as a woman. Now for Amina she’s just plain dumb, and the reason for that is, she’s married to a man she loves so much that he kept her a secret for a year and would stay over with Tara. Amina is like a deer blind in headlights in traffic, because she knew what she was getting herself into; Peter still loves Tara and Amina knows it and if Amina really thinks she won or have a faithful man she is dumb, because being married to him didn’t change anything with him. Amina is naive and in denial she had and still has red flags slapping her in the face. Peter knows he messed up and had a good woman in Tara and now he’s in a situation he doesn’t know how to get out of. When Tara finds her a new man and be happy, he wouldn’t know what to do with his self. Peter his going to messed up in the head when it happens. Team Tara everyday