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Atlanta Strippers Sue For Unpaid Wages [PHOTOS]


The terms “exotic dancer” and “Fair Labor Standards Act” are as congruent as finding salvation underneath a strip club’s roof, but a few Atlanta strippers are currently fed up with not being paid and they are taking legal action against their employer.

Brittany Thompson, Jennifer Hight, Katherine Bellows and Danielle McElroy have recently filed suit with Diamond Club located on 1715 Northside Dr NW for being shorted what was owed to them outside of the dollar bills swept on the floor. And no, their dancer names were not made available for this report.

Via Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The women are seeking the return of unpaid wages, alleged illegal kickback payments, interest, attorney’s fees and costs.They are also seeking class-action status to cover about 200 more current and former dancers who have worked at the club over the past three years.

The plaintiffs, some of whom have worked at the club since 2009, said their job was to perform as nude dancers and provide other entertainment to customers. They claim the club, however, has classified them as independent contractors rather than employees.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta claims Diamond has “maintained a pattern and practice of not paying wages, not paying for overtime wages, failing to provide proper time for required lunch and rest breaks and otherwise failing to provide statutorily mandated wages and compensation.”

The suing strippers are also complaining about various taxes and tariffs that they have to cough up. That includes 10 percent for having a DJ spin their songs while they are performing, 10 percent of their tips, and fees for the manager, VIP sales, credit cards and late-arrival and early-leave fees.

Which, behoves all young ladies in the area to just attend Spelman. The job you earn upon graduation will allow you to keep more of your paycheck and you can do it fully clothed.

Pictures of the real reason you opened this article can be found in the following pages.

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  • Asky Askerson

    Finally someone is doing something about it. Good for them.

    • FreakEnigma

      i’m sorry but this article is VERY one sided… there’s a lot more to this than this is leading you to believe. unfortunately, the dancers will find out soon enough…

      • Ski Sker

        Can you provide some more information please? I want to understand the other side.

      • FreakEnigma

        the other side… what these attorneys, more than likely are not telling these girls is that after they “win” they’re now liable for all taxes, including RETROACTIVELY. And we all know how virulent the IRS can be… If i make you an employee, i have a lot more control as a club owner, like scheduling, uniforming, and over how money is collected on the floor and in VIP sections… also… I could very well enter into Non-Compete agreements, so there potentially goes the freedom to work at other clubs whenever you want… i could also eliminate your ability to gain from rainmaking customers, i could easily have the customer prepay the club for your services… sounds a little exploitive, but that’s potentially the environment these Lawsuits can create… Now, Back to the TAX end of it… being that in strip clubs, you’re dealing in primarily cash, which isn’t easily tracked… more than a few dancers I know, make six figures annually, most of which is in cash, which for the most part, isn’t trackable. as an employee, it will be… and then taxed… those six figures, can and will drop drastically… i understand both sides past the politics and lawyer rhetoric. but if the trend continues, Clubs, in order to stay open will have to get creative to continue cash flow… BTW I’m in the industry…

      • Ski Sker

        Interesting. I was in the industry for several years myself and back then (5 yrs ago) there was a lot of talk about unionizing. We were already employees and got an hourly wage on top of the cash tips. It was a pr3tty good situation, actually. We were just dishonest about what we made on our taxes, just like waitresses lol. Most girls were making really good money / still earned six figures, and being employees didn’t stop that. Yes, some clubs did have noncompete clauses, but it wasn’t an issue since nobody really needed to work other clubs. Some girls did try it and got away with it, some girls did it and got caught and fired. But I see your points though because if a club wanted to take advantage in some way, they might. But then girls just wouldn’t dance there, they’d find somewhere else less exploitative.

      • FreakEnigma

        good points… but the difference lies in owners actually setting it up properly… most can’t see past their current business models… i’ve heard of it, and seen it in action…

      • Ski Sker

        Yeah I don’t know if I would trust it in shady Atlanta. Strip clubs are a lot different there.

  • FreakEnigma

    almost NONE of the pictures are from the Diamond Club… there from DOA, and NO they’re not the same place….

  • FreakEnigma

    I’ll correct myself slightly… NONE of these pics are the Diamond Club, they’re all from DOA…

  • Ski Sker

    WHY CAN WE NOT SAY PR3TTY ON THIS SITE?! The f*ck, all of these urban blogs have some retarded a** rules about what you can say.