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The 10 Most Surprising Facts From The Miami Dolphins Hazing Scandal Report [PHOTOS]

Photo: Adult Swim

Photo: Adult Swim

No Snitching

Jonathan Martin kept quiet because of a team “no snitching” policy:

“Sometimes, a fine would be levied on a lineman who was branded a “Judas,” meaning a traitor or “snitch.” For example, if Coach Turner, while watching game film footage, criticized a lineman for missing an assignment, and that lineman pointed out that one of his teammates was actually at fault, that lineman might be labeled a “Judas,” which could result in a fellow player imposing a fine. Multiple Dolphins offensive linemen were familiar with the “Judas” concept and told us that Coach Turner had discussed it with them. Turner, however, denied knowing what the term “Judas” meant in the context of the Dolphins offensive line. In fact, he denied ever hearing the term “Judas” or “Judas fine” used in the offensive line room. He also denied lecturing players on its meaning. We do not credit Turner’s denials. The evidence shows that Turner was aware of the “Judas” concept and that he had discussed its meaning with the linemen, explaining how Judas had betrayed Jesus Christ and defining Judas as a “snitch.” Further, Chris Mosley, the Dolphins former assistant offensive line coach, claimed that Turner actually introduced the Judas concept to the offensive linemen.

We accept that the fear of being labeled a “snitch” or a “Judas” played a role in Martin’s decision not to report abuse from his teammates. Martin believed that going to his coaches or other authority figures meant risking ostracism or even retaliation from his fellow linemen.”

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    is any of this really all that surprising?