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ItsTheReal x Bun B – “Girls With The Dirty Souths” [VIDEO]


If you’re in a relationship, most people believe manscaping and womanscaping is vital in keeping that spark alive in the bedroom.

ItsTheReal brothers Jeff and Eric Rosenthal subscribe to the “long hair, don’t care” handbook so ladies, you can save a ton of money by leaving those razor blades on the shelf if you get involved with them.

The Rosenthals are so proud of their love for hirsutism, they’ve convinced Bun B to pay homage to all the bushwhacking beauties out there in their new video “Girls With The Dirty Souths.”

Playing the part of landscapers refusing to hedge anything below the waist, the newly formed trio brandish lawn edgers and leaf blowers in similar fashion to pseudo thug rappers flash guns in their YouTube videos, as several young ladies with bulges of hair smile aimlessly in the background.

Quite frankly it’s disgusting and hilarious at the same damn time. Who else but ItsTheReal would think of such shenanigans?

It’s a new video but old song. Check out the clip below and don’t forget to download Urbane Outfitters Vol. 1.

“Amber Rose on top/Rick Ross in your bikini bottom/fabric of my life/to touch the feel of cotton.”

Photo: YouTube

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