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Not Knowing Fraternity Handshake Exposed Brookyln Principal’s Alleged Lies


The principal of a Brooklyn charter school has been exposed as a liar partially thanks to his past false claims to be in the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity. Lewis Franklin Thomas III’s resume is reportedly littered with lies and inaccuracies.

Reports the NY Post:

Brooklyn charter-school principal Lewis Franklin Thomas III has been booted from education jobs in three other cities after a string of résumé falsehoods — which were first exposed in Cleveland in 2005 after he claimed he was a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity but couldn’t do the handshake, the education news site Chalkbeat reported.

And while Thomas has deleted the fictitious frat membership from his bio — and no longer claims, as he did in Cleveland, that he had held staff jobs with Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton — other apparent lies and exaggerations still riddle his online bio at the Urban Dove Team Charter School in Bed-Stuy.

Back in 2006, news broke of Thomas’ various false claims after he failed on two separate occasions to perform the secret Alpha Phi Alpha handshake with a genuine fraternity member.

A 2006 story in the Cleveland Plain Dealer said Thomas was fired from his job at the Cleveland Arts and Social Sciences Academy after his botching of the black fraternity’s handshake prompted Goler to start digging.

Goler found Thomas had invented a doctorate and a master’s degree and claimed to have been a principal at a DC school where he had merely been a teacher.

“I went to hug him, grip him, and show him some love as one Alpha man to another Alpha man,” Goler told the Plain Dealer. “I tried that two separate times, but he just didn’t get it.”

Thomas has denied the claims against him. Why does this perpetrator still have his job, though?

Photo: Urban Dove Team Charter

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  • real_bru

    He lied about being In a frat nearly 10 years ago, who cares??? No one… all I care about is the quality of the education the children are receiving..

    • ucray

      I bet if your child was attending that charter school you’d be singing a different tune! If this man lied about something that was sooooooo unnecessary for him to add, no telling what mental state he’s really in. You ever considered that this man is a sociopath?

      To have a quality education you have to have to have quality educators, which this lying @$$ man isn’t.

      • Jon

        I do not understand how you just made that logical jump from “he lied about his resume” to “he might be a sociopath.” I do not see how any sort of thought could justify that statement. People lie about unnecessary things all the time; it’s just what we do. A sociopath is a person that does not feel empathy for other human beings… I am confused about where to go from here in making counter-arguments because I have literally no idea what reasoning you used to justify your argument.

        You also didn’t make a logical connection between “this man lied” and “that means he’s a bad educator.” Do teachers not lie? Ward Churchill got fired from University of Colorado for lying on his resume but is indisputably one of the most influential and brilliant thinkers on the modern existence of natives in America.

        I’m not disagreeing that there are grounds for him to be fired, but that comment was absolutely illogical. In my opinion you have negated any reason why I would consider your thoughts legitimate.

    • bigdawgman

      The frat was just what got him caught. Did you see the part about the fake doctorate, masters, and principal job? I think that is sufficient for a firing.

      “Goler found Thomas had invented a doctorate and a master’s degree
      and claimed to have been a principal at a DC school where he had merely
      been a teacher.”

      Man, employers harp about their employees not documenting info, but then they just take resumes at face value without checking up. Some HR folks need to be suspended, or fired.

    • Sebastian Ossa

      His whole resume was a lie.

  • Yes I took it there

    F**k them fraternities, there all cults anyways. Damn devil worshipers and baphomet followers.

    • Sebastian Ossa

      incorrect, anyway his whole resume was false he also said he worked for the Clinton Admin

    • AlphaMale

      Their, There, They’re. Guess which one you SHOULD have used in your ridiculous statement…..

      • Bella

        I can’t help but laugh at you comment. People should read more books and less blogs.

    • 06totheworld

      You seem to be upset lol failed joining?

    • DatQue

      Could not make the line I see. Everybody wants to pledge but no one wants to do the work.

  • bigdawgman

    Crazy thing is, if he had left off the frat and lied about all the other things, he’d STILL have a job! A handshake is all that stood between him and this fakery. Who checked his resume? They need to be let go. Bet they lied on their resume too. Wonder how incompetent this guy was. Paying all that money for a fraud. smdh