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With the rehashed hostility that Beanie Sigel apparently still has for Jay-Z, many have come to speculate why no other member of the former Roc has stepped up to try and provide more clarity.

Peedi Crakk led his own anti-Jay campaign some time ago and Oschino was quick to take his shots at Jigga along with Sigel.

As a rapper that found himself essentially caught in the middle of a beef, Freeway has finally been able to add more of his input on the ongoing issues that Beans has with Hov.

During an interview with NYMag, Philly Freezer went in on why his fellow Philadelphia native is being relentless against Jay.

“Beans was on the Roc before me, he was the person that brought me there. Him and Jay had a deeper relationship than I did. Obviously there had to be some kind of buildup, ’cause I know Beans love Jay. I know he do. He got to. All the things they been through together.”

As the Broad Street Bully went on to say how business was type shady around the time Jay became president of Def Jam, Freeway had another take on things.

“I mean, I can’t complain about Jay at all. He gave me that first major co-sign. That first co-sign was enough for me. I don’t got nothing bad to say about him.”

No longer dealing with Def Jam, however, the rapper now feels in his comfort zone and actually has more of a grip on his career.

I would just do and I didn’t even know the process of getting it done, everything even down to the interviews. [Rhymesayers], it’s definitely more intimate. Everything that goes on I know about. There’s no smoke and mirrors, nothing that’s over my head. It’s just a good feeling. Feel like I’m in control.”

Who’s to say exactly when the verbal assault with stop from Sigel, but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that Free won’t be the one to hold a grudge on the past and can only push forward.

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