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Tony Yayo Visibly Upset With 50 Cent, Says G-Unit Is Over [PHOTOS]



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  • Excepcion

    Yayo. You saw how 50 did other ppl over the years and you let your guard down to much. It was only a matter of time before hed do the same to you…btw dont let dudes feel like they feed you..

  • why rappers feel like the bread winner of the crew gotta feed em for the rest of they life.. follow suit venture out and do things outside of music.. Yayo ain’t nobody tell u not to look out for whats in ur best interest.. Business ain’t the streets smh

  • bread

    this is all bullshit.. 50 dropped his new video today.. yayo is in the video with him

    • Mr. Euben

      Filmed when ?

  • Daniel it’s Hannah!

    Bless be to GOD for the Crooks, OMG it’s King Daniel!! Strong as He can be.
    By a sip of honey He will slay a thousand men.


      Does GOD steal?? No HE only recop what’s HIS lol

  • Ciara’sToes

    Freinds?….Lol. Go read a book man, up and stop crying. Its….friends!

  • Ciara’sToes

    Freinds?…Lol! Yayo go read a book, man up, make your own way and stop crying. That man owes you nothing. #itsfriends! Lol


    Yayo gotta go out and do his own thing….50 is no longer big enough to support you, so you gotta go out on your own.

  • nigerian 50

    yayo i have been watching and following up the g unit ever since u guys started. i am a fan of the g unit. yayo dont make me feel u are not wise,so all this days u have not made enough money to start your own empire. 50cent have moed on in life with other bussinesses . yayo no body is getting younger for how long do u think you guys wil be doing this g unit stuff. cant u see lloyd banks he was not caught off in the dark . he was the only one who made it at the end to the top following the bussiness tycon 50cent. remember buck , olivia, the game, mobb deep, and woozkid. yayo be wise use ur money well before u ecome poor like Young buck. bye……………………thats life for u.