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Journalist Describes “Mortifying” Experience Interviewing Danny Brown [PHOTOS]



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  • SAMBO!!!!!

  • HMIC

    Don’t see nothing wrong with what she did it’s her job…he was acting silly and admitted what’s the issue with her?

  • guest

    N1 g g e rs with money. I can’t!!!

  • Come On

    This man should not feel the need to apologize to this broad. His job is to perform and get money. Part of that is being available for interviews. He is free to do it as he pleases. Her job is to conduct the interview. Why did she expect anything different? He does not owe her anything, the fans perhaps, but not the interviewer.

    • A_Aurelia

      She stated she was a big fan as well. It can be a bit disappointing, to say the least, when an artist you look up to acts like they couldn’t give two fucks about you.

  • Tru West 1

    Popularity contest season is over. It’s time for people to stop being Fans and only show respect to those who are respectful and intelligent.