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Disrespectful Don: 20 Disapproving Reactions To Rick Ross’ Trayvon Martin Lyric [PHOTOS]


Rick Ross has spoken his peace regarding his Trayvon Martin lyric on his new Mastermind LP, but the people have determined he needs more people and better publicists at Def Jam.

The still-to-be-released album was made available for public listening just today, February 26 and an instant sh*tstorm was birthed, thanks to a line on a song called “BLK & WHT.”

On the thinly veiled record revolving around cocaine dealing, Ross spits, “Forbes dot com/I’m the Teflon Don/Too close to a n***a as a mother****g bomb/Trayvon Martin, I’m never missing my target/B*tch n****s hating/Tell me it’s what I’m parking/Wing Stop owner/Lemon pepper aroma/Young, black n***a/barely got a diploma.”

As the conversations whether it was right or wrong began to fester online, Ross issued a statement in attempts to clarify his reasoning for namedropping the murdered Florida teen whose murder trial reached daily nation attention, but it simply didn’t work. The people–mainly Black Twitter–were still left in the dark, confused and angered that Ross seemingly put Trayvon’s name in his rap just for the sake of rhyming without any real substance to back the lyrics.

We rounded out some of the best Twitter reactions to Ross’ loose lips and think you’ll be entertained as they range from funny, poignant and downright nasty.

Rozay brought this on himself.

Photo: Instagram/Rich Forever, Twitter

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    This is DISGUSTING! He should be ashamed of himself and so should his record company.