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“Do The Right Thing” Spraypainted On Wall Next To Spike Lee’s Old Home [PHOTOS]


Spike Lee’s recent gentrification rant has set off a chain reaction in criminal fashion.

The Brooklyn house next to his father’s current home was vandalized with the phrase “Do the Right Thing,” an obvious dig at one of the filmmaker’s most popular movies and it also was labeled with an anarchist’s emblem of “Ⓐ.”

Reports NY1:

Early Friday morning, someone broke the front door glass of 164 Washington Park in Fort Greene, next door to the house where Spike Lee’s father lives, and where the director used to live, too.

Robert Keller and Dianne MacKenzie live inside the brownstone that bore the brunt of the attack.

“There’s no excuse for spray-painting someone’s house, no matter what you feel,” MacKenzie said. “There are other avenues for protest.”

Black paint was also sprayed on the Lee staircase, which borders their neighbors’ front yard.

While detectives investigate the graffiti and the motive, neighbors say they know why the homes were targeted.

“Obviously, it was in retaliation to what was said by Spike the other day at Pratt,” Keller said.

Arnold Lee, Spike’s younger brother, was highly upset about the situation but he placed the blame sole on his open-minded sibling.

“Spike needs to stop with whatever situation he’s talking about over here–because he doesn’t live here and he’s not involved in it,” he told NY1.

Check out the pictures of the graffiti in the gallery which is estimated to be worth thousands of dollars.

Photo: CBS2/YouTube

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  • KikiEm

    How very sad and disturbing it is to discover that Spike Lee and others like him (with the same mind-set) are showing America that they have the same cruel and abusive intentions as those who once oppressed them. In other words, Spike and company can be just as down and dirty as those who were down and dirty with them in the past. Lee is intending to deliberately harm Honkies in response or revenge to past sins perpetrated on blacks. He’s no better than the oppressors.

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    you’re CLEARLY an idiot!!!! Gentrification is a dynamic that’s been going on just termed differently. from Africa’s Egipt to present.