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50 Cent Confronts Steve Stoute At Knicks Game [PHOTO]


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  • whatever

    50 is soooo B*tch made….UGH!

  • He just told the truth.

  • Bottom Line

    50 is a bully.

  • Mayor_of_Debonair

    He is correct. When 50 did the sneakers and vitamin water he was on the charts. He’s not on the charts now and ain’t doing nothing for the public to see. Private stuff don’t count.

    • bigmarz

      the private stuff dont count? only the music and fame not the private investments? ok buddy you know everything

      • Mayor_of_Debonair

        Not to what this guy is talking about. How can you influence someone if nobody knows what your doing? Stick to what this guy is talking about. INFLUENCING OTHERS IS THE TOPIC NOT HOW MUCH YOU’RE MAKING.If that was the case, Jay Z would be on the list. I don’t know everything, but I can stay on TOPIC.

      • hardtimz

        All very good points!

  • Wakando Shamar Taylor

    Truth hurts

  • Leilani

    Who is this guy?

    • Expressions Bailey

      This is Steve Stoute. A brand architect. Someone who build or rebuild,
      his youth market sensibilities and his connections to the urban
      entertainment world. The same man who partner with Peter Arnell in 99′
      to form PASS, a marketing and advertisement firm that helped launch the
      insanely successful S.Carter collection with Reebok, which influenced a
      string of other rappers, also backing behind McDonalds Justin Timberlake
      “I’m loving it” campaign which made him millions. Additionally Reebok,
      JAY-Z, 50-Cent, Pharrell, Steve Francis, Allen Iverson, this man
      constantly push the “urban” culture mainstream America tHat love to
      degrade us as if there kids not listening to rap or want to wear the
      same clothes his favorite rapper wearing–Stoute shun a different light
      on the culture period. Made both side money. It’s business at the end of
      the day- WAKEUP2014

      • Leilani

        Thank you for the explanation.. I was seriously lost lol

      • Da Toof

        Straight no chaser!!!

        50 does that to a non-thug, but he apologized to Ashanti when Nelly confronted him! (Watch the 105.1 Breakfast Club interview with Ashanti.)

        Nelly would have busted him in his Frankenstein jaw.

  • imright

    50 was abt to get dead n that asz lmfao!

  • nikki

    I’m a big fam of 50s but Steve was right. 50 don’t even have gunit any more. He tossed those guys now that he’s indie. He won’t do big #s but he’ll make big money.

  • LeroyRachi

    The truth is an offense, but not a sin.

  • Tyquinn

    no one knows what was said, all of this is hearsay with some carefully selected pics that can be taken in a way that the author wants it to be

  • dezy p

    Fifty won this round tho!!!!

    • Trey

      Nah. Not hardly, that was for show.

  • Anarchy Muse

    straight sucka ish. real tough guys don’t need an arena with thousands of witnesses lol!

    • ZeusMolecules

      Or maybe 50 wouldn’t of cared who saw him knock dude out if he wanted to.