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Chelsea Handler Fired Tasteless Oscars Tweets At Lupita Nyong’o & Sidney Poitier


Comedienne and author Chelsea Handler took over Huffington Post’s Twitter account, and live-tweeted the happenings of the 2014 Academy Awards. Although Handler’s brand of comedy has always bordered on edgy, many felt she went over the line with a series of tasteless tweets aimed at Lupita Nyong’o, Sidney Poitier, and others.

Twitter hit back at Handler over her borderline racist tweets, which we’re sure Handler will defend in the name of comedy. What sparked debate was one tweet from Handler shortly after Nyong’o won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in 12 Years A Slave.

The tweet read, “Congratulations #lupita To pre order #ugandabekiddingme go to http://amzn.to/1pS4qpG #Oscar” – the link pointed to an Amazon web page hawking Handler’s upcoming Africa travel book Uganda Be Kidding Me.

Some users took umbrage with Handler connecting the sale of her book with Nyong’o’s win; Nyong’o’s family is from Kenya and she currently resides in the United States. Handler went on a roll after that, adding, “#AngelinaJolie just filed adoption papers #lupitanyongo #Oscars.”

She also took digs at Poitier, the celebrated actor and world figure. Accompanied by Angelina Jolie, Handler couldn’t help herself. “#AngelinaJolie’s adoption went through #sidneypoitier #Oscars,” she tweeted. “#NelsonMandela looks great #abc #resurrection,” she later added.

Handler spared no one, with Tyler Perry, Whoopi Goldberg and others getting caught in her wave of slander. 12 Years A Slave also got caught in the crossfire after winning the Oscar for Best Picture with Handler tweeting, “Congratulations #12yearsaslave Go to Africa or buy #ugandabekiddingme http://amzn.to/1de1ka9 #aheadofthecurve #Oscars.”

TheGrio reached out to Handler’s publicist to get a statement which didn’t pan out, but did manage to get statements from Huffington Post’s Senior Executive Director for Communications Perri Dorset stating that Handler’s views were her own. Handler offered a paltry “#imsorry” tweet at the end of her barrage at the end of her tweeting duties.

Classy move, Chelsea Handler. Better this than being one of 50 Cent’s smutpieces, eh?

Hit the following pages to see the tweets of Oscar struggle from Chelsea Handler.

Photo: Instagram/Chelsea Handler

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  • Taunya73

    She is not even worth addressing.

    • MiaSara

      Exactly. The jokes were so lame I actually felt pity for her.


      • It’s Me B!tch

        I don’t even like you & you remind me
        of cheap Lee Press on Nails on a dented chalk board, but I do agree that
        ………..SHE FAILED!……

  • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

    it’s amazing that any NON-MELANIN actresses and actors weren’t the Butt of any of this “I FRAKENSTEIN” jokes. this was done intensionally to get a reaction!!

    • No.

      You say “non-melanin” like it’s an actual thing, or a bad thing. Everyone has melanin. Get over your melanin, you have no control over that. Find something else to be proud of or another excuse for your racism.

      • sycamore

        What racism? Hahahaha

      • DDD

        hahahah youre trying to reason with baboons

      • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

        LMAO!!! too bad you haven’t studied the history of Africa’s Egipt THOROUGHLY… the story goes into how A group of Scientist called the “NETERU” cloned Homo-Sapiens(Negroids) from Homo-Erectus(that’s where you’re getting your “baboon’ reference from..not quite but close ‘Daniel son’) and the Genetic make-up from these ‘Advanced African Scientist creating Hu-mans. go try to REBUTTALL DUMB DUMB (in my Gazoo voice).

      • smittyt

        Baboons originated from cave people white people.

      • Nehes Ba’a Rayay

        LMAO!!! surely you’re ignorant a** isn’t familiar with Science!!! in the science of Genetics ‘whites’ are known as “Melanin Recessive”. That’s a reality check for your A**!!! TURN THE IPOD OFF AND GO VISIT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY!!!!

      • Two cents

        Truth @ melanin recessive. They are a recessive people. That’s why when they mix with US WE are dominant! Because we are the originals 🙂

  • apathetik

    As Taunya73 stated…she’s not worth it.

  • dee

    right pathetic but u sleep with them gyrl bye, She make shots at people who really got something going on and famous for a Reason.. I did like her but ,… Changing my mind

  • Terri

    she sucks, she’s never even funny

  • bill451

    people are too sensitive. She constantly makes fun of everyone…regardless of color. People just like stirring the pot. Funny part is…Chelsea dates African American guys and hangs out with African Americans regularly.

    • Excuse YOU? Too sensitive? Can you read? Did you NOT see that the names mentioned were Black people? I can’t! If it was Jews, believe me, her behind would be out of here already or crying for mercy AND forgiveness for the ones who feed her (i.e. pay her).

      • Two cents


      • Cherry Coke

        She herself is Jewish. She knows what side her bread is buttered on.

      • bill451

        Aaron had she made the comments against a “Jew” you wouldn’t have given a rats behind. If you’ve ever watched her you’d know she is far from racist.

      • Bill,first of all, you don’t know me! First of allI know her well, thank you very much! Second, my name is SPELLED “Aron” and “Aaron”! Third, You CLEARLY missed the point of what the REST of us understood. Fourth, I know how SOME white folks operate very well because I’m originally from South Carolina and I can take YOU on a first-hand rode trip to Charleston, SC and let YOU use YOUR eyes to see and FEEL the actual platform that Blacks were sold to their masters on. I strongly suggest you stop yourself right here because I’m SO not the one to check! Puppies trying to check a tiger isn’t smart! Have a good day!

      • LOL! Got me typing too fast anyway. “Bill, first of all, you don’t know me! First of all, I know her well, thank you very much! Second my name is SPELLED “Aron” and not “Aaron”! . . . .

      • smittyt

        You whites are naturally racist so you wouldn’t know a racist when you see one.So when you see another racist white person to you they’re just being themselves.

      • bill451

        Actually it seems blacks are the most racist. Any chance you get you throw out the race card.

      • sya no to white supremacyyyy

        Gutterslime who made the entire deck? Oh, right, white people.

    • 1776

      She’s garbage.

      • smittyt

        Of course she is she’s white!

      • LOL! I just blew Bill out of the closet! He’s white!!!!

    • smittyt

      That’s one thing the white race don’t have and that’s a heart or a soul..oopps that 2 things whites don’t have.

  • Sweetrose78

    She’s never been entertaining, don’t understand why she was ever given a show…

    • Yaya

      She was sleeping with the man in charge. That’s how she got her show.

  • Team Natural

    I personally do not care for her variety of comedy. She tries to come off as a female George Carlin but she always end up sounding sleazy and obnoxious. Yes, you have yours freedom of speech, you shouldn’t use it to sound like a straight up jerk.

  • Gia

    This white krypt keeper looking dry corpse beyotch is just angry and.jealous because Lupita is absolutely stunning and actually EARNED her awards and because lupita is educated. Chelsea is where she is because she sucked industry d, ck, which only got her a fck date with 50 cent and a dry az corny az talk show.

    White drugged up stalker beyotch!!!

    • TheRealJew

      Lapita looks like she’s been burned in a oven.Compare her to Sanaa Latham and you can clearly see we black Americans and Lupita Ham ITE @$$ is not the same group or people.Stop kissing that d!rty Africans @$$!Why is she in a $/@ve movie when she or her people have never been a $/@ve?They sold us into $/@very!

      • No More Coons in 2014

        Dummy. Sanaa’s mother looks almost like a white woman. Sanaa and African Americans are a mix of Lupita’s race and the evil white people.

      • The RealJew

        Women don’t carry seeds they deliver kids so shut the FCK up!The child is determined by the father.

      • sycamore

        Why you talking tho lol “white” people don’t like you either. Holocaust, anyone?

      • ddd

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      • sycamore

        Lmao sorry I didn’t get black Israelite when I read “Jew”
        Either way, a black Israelite is even worse lol.

      • blue

        You’re demented, take your meds… Lupita is the real African woman from
        which all life on earth emerged… succk that up you whining oaf.

      • Memo Pad

        Firstly, the young lady’s name is LUPITA!
        Secondly, she DOES NOT look as if she were burned in an oven! Keep your words to yourself!

      • Represent

        “Why is she in a $/@ve movie when she or her people have never been a $/@ve?They sold us into $/@very!”

        Please, please, PLEASE FIX YOUR GRAMMAR!

  • solofromtoronto

    Ya’ll need to relax.. She’s a (comedian) and she’s entitled to her opinion even if it’s meant to offend (i.e. Chris Rock). Your telling me when you see Angelina Jolie and Madonna with black babies it doesn’t look suspect?

    • sycamore

      So were excusing racism because she’s an comedian and it’s an “opinion”? Ha, we have got to do better this year.

      • ddd

        ah yes but katt williams and countless others are exceptions to the rule because theyre black

      • sycamore

        Yup, basically. Their jokes can be tasteless, but not racist. Say it out loud until you get it. You’re welcome 🙂

      • ddd

        oh by all means continue your activities and trains of thought it has benefited your people so well economically and socially. Please continue while we reap the benefits.

      • sycamore

        lol you do realize that you white c*nts have lost a ton of your money as black people and other minorities have progressed. Where not completely there, but I’m sure it’ll be easier when the white race dies out (which it has been scientifically proven that it will go down soon) 🙂

      • Allen Daniels

        You are a moron Sycophant. So you are saying that only white comedians are racist and black comedians are not? Hypocrite.

      • sycamore

        HAHAHA it’s not hypocritical if it’s a false analogy, which is what you’re making. Bye pasty.

  • natturnfreedomrider

    she needs to stop with the jokes and find some putty for the cracks in her wrinkled a s s face

    • Guest


      • natturnfreedomrider


  • josie

    Chelsea is mad because she will never gain the sam
    Respect and honor as these a listers who are remarkably talented and intelligent. She isn’t eve n funny…does anyone even watch her show? She so bitter and angry. She gotta have attention. She is as bad as tila tequila. I wish someone would kill chelsea. Stab her or shoot her . I mean dang

    • natturnfreedomrider

      da nm!lol

    • Allen Daniels

      Why don’t you go shoot your mother because she should have aborted you. I mean dang.


    Her show used to be funny

  • 1776

    She should’ve been fired for lack of talent, not that lame silliness.

  • English

    I have no idea how these Black men can lay down with these racist animals, it makes me sick. They love a Black mans d i c k but are racist idiots, does that make any sense.

    • English

      Allen daniels,

      When Chris Rock and other black comedians do it, it can be taken in the
      humerous way it is intended, when you fithy racist white dogs do it, it
      can not.

  • Mary Jackson

    She has no class. I can’t stand this trash bag.

  • KarmasABeyotch

    So they’re r a grand total of 10 block ppl.that even go to the Oscars n she went in on all of em? Did she do any non-black jokes?? Shes a smut

  • rob robert

    well, of COURSE she’s racist! i mean you can rip white people all you want but if you so much as criticize a black person’s pants around their ankles, you’re a racist!