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9 Things We Learned From The Breakfast Club Naomi Campbell Interview [PHOTOS]

Photo: WENN

Photo: WENN

Nelson Mandela

Naomi had a very close to the late great civil rights leader Nelson Mandela. She was deeply influenced by the life he lead and still refers to him as “Ta Ta” to reflect their father and daughter bond.

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  • Excepcion

    She still look crazy as batsh*t.

    • NoEdges


  • DATRUTH101


  • tarrilove

    Good candid interview.She is good under pressure. She didn’t get phased by any of the questions.

  • MiaSara

    Shes beautiful even in that ridiculous wig.
    Great interview!

    • WTFE

      Oh STFU you are such a freaking hypocrite…….is anything out of your mouth genuine and authentic.

    • Sherry

      LOL! Now that’s funny.

  • kd

    Thank you breakfast club for such a wonderful interview


    i love her candor. that’s right Naomi’s charming behind got me sayin’ fancy words. what?
    also, the new word for skinny wallet dudes…their ‘CREATIVE’. bwahaha! ;-D