Damon Richardson

Bangin Candy: Panamanian Delight Látifa Drinks [PHOTOS]



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  • DATRUTH101


    • S Jo

      She looks Black to me! She’s a hott
      good looking Black chick! Love it!

      • DATRUTH101


      • Rufus

        You still can be black and hail from different countries – not a relatively new thing. Ever. Congratulations for being stupid.

      • S Jo

        Thank you!

      • Dameen R.

        Hahahahaaha don’t be mad cause she black. She not better then no one else she black too just like me I agree with S JO

      • S Jo

        Yes indeed! & you are a very intelligent, just like me! Muah!

      • Nope

        BLACK POWER!

  • Dela Cal

    She looks like every other black Spanish chick in harlem I see nothing special. Come to harlem there’s millions of her

  • _HawtStuff43


  • Darnell King

    She FIRE!!!

  • Anonymous

    Puttin on for the black latin chicks. I love her yaris, ayisha diaz and tahiry jose

  • Guess who?

    Fine as hell

  • Rick James BxTCH

    Man I love them panamanians

  • Anonymous Cat

    Why does it matter what she is? Black people are always trying to make an issue out of something. She is a beautiful Panamanian woman and no one says that she is better because of it. Learn to give people props and stop being so insecure. African American women can’t stand the black latin women because yall know that black men find them exotic so you find them as a threat. Dominicans and Panamanians are on top and this sista is representing the PTY to the fullest. In fact she reminds me of my ex that was fine as hell spoke fluent spanish and also was Panamanian. So many bitter beings.

    • Beyonce

      Shut up! No reason to be jealous of a panamanian or dominican they all aspire to be video hoes and got fake bodies so it ain’t nothing to be jealous of. Us black girls don’t need adhancements they do!

      • Nope

        @Beyonce I think you meant inhancements.

      • Benita Marie Hannah

        I think you BOTH meant ‘enhancements’.

  • I love foreign women

    All that sexiness and you mudafuggas argurin about what race she is? Sounds like a bunch of bitter haters if you ask me. That’s why I don’t date black women! White, Asian, and Latino until I die! P.s. Is that her real last name?

    • Nope

      Looks like you like diseases too. That’s all those kind of women carry.