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Nicki Minaj Posts Pic Of Herself Showering, Thirst Reaches Peak Levels [PHOTOS]



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  • Aziza Davis

    Who is taking the pictures?

    • Jade

      Her friend Sherika

    • liberty


    • DJHomeless.

  • solofromtoronto

    Damn Nikki!

    • lol

      Um no

  • (CBS)

  • Tony Baker


  • DLeatyce

    ……”the levels of thirst exhibited in her mentions were Sahara desert levels of thirst.” What about her “level of thirst” for even taking pictures out of the shower? Why is this even necessary? The things people do for attention, sad.

  • hmmmm

    I guess she is just letting everybody know that money doesn’t buy class and she can be just as ratchet as the rest of the non-famous, no money having hoodboogers out there.

  • Nope

    Holy hell she’s ugly

  • gscott10

    In the US in black communities, she would be a 10/10 and hottt…In Trinidad and other West Indian nations, she would be an average “dougla” chick and rated a 7/10. Suh it go.

    • Moony

      So true honey. And Black Americans are obssesed with longhair. Lol she’s a Queen here!

  • SylkthaShocka

    Why does she look so white? Does anyone notice this. N it ain’t the damn light. Her Tattoo is clearly visible, as in other photos shes dark skinned and her tattoo looks old like a blurry mark that u can’t see well or read

  • Baloney

    She looks like bolo from Bloodsport !! omg :s

  • Blank Her Right in the Blanky

    Seriously, unless she’s facedown, bunsup, stripped bucketnaked, greased, and squealing like a piggy while getting skewered by shane diesel I literally don’t care. Even Lady Gaga stepped up her game and went fullnaked, and yeah, I jackedded a couple out to it. But Minaj? Nah, she’s not provocative enough.

  • jack

    What do you know about Black beauty?

  • somebody must of have told this (fill in the blank) that she was bald headed. WHO CARES how long her thin hair is? WE all know she wears wigs.. ugh. Thirsty is not the word here.. how about stupid and desperate?

  • drob11691

    no soap??? ewww?!

  • sue

    wow lmao … shes just embaeeasing her self here …

  • John

    Whats that on the shelf behind her.

  • Adam Nox

    Somehow I’ve stumbled onto a segment of the internet even dumber than yahoo comments. Wow guys, nice going. No taste, ignorant, broke, full of sht, aholes.

  • Count Rollo

    Who is she? Is she famous or a ‘personality’ or something? What does she do?

  • JahsupremeAllah

    she’s a lot prettier when she puts her face on