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Not So Sharp: A Look At Darren Sharper’s Rape Accusation Struggle [PHOTOS]


Photo: ESPN

September 2013

According to a report from USA Today, a sexual complaint was filed against Sharper on September 24, 2013 in New Orleans. A woman alleges she met Sharper at an event for New Orleans Saints players, Sharper’s former team, and went to a bar with him. She claims the next morning, she woke up in a haze with Sharper on top of her.

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  • anita wlliams

    why are these women excapting drinks from a dude they just met, what a bunch of idiots and why after all those rape charges did this keep happening and why are women so damn gullible… sometimes you have to use your brain or be looked on as wanting this to happen!

    • MiaSara

      You are right but in their defense they probably judged him on looks and his status, who would think that an attractive guy with money and so much to lose would be a rapist?
      The only thing that saves me is the fact that I’m a paranoid person. I think everyone is trying to poison and kill me.

      • IknowYouknow

        Predators like Sharper make it that much difficult for the rest of us guys. I can’t blame you for your policy, neither do I fault girls that go out and stick to each other like a petrified flock of sheep. I finally understand your predicament.

  • cmonletsbefair

    now look at this piece of shlit.., are you so desperate for pvssay tht ull resort to tht homeboy.., such a frackin looser (kanye west voice)…throw him in the dungeon

  • blackbypopulardemand

    Who tryin to hit some doped up unconscious female…can’t even smack that a/ss.might wake her up.

  • IknowYouknow

    Sometimes people are not only dumber than they look, but also more vicious than they appear. Here’s a well-spoken, good looking young man that had amassed millions through a very successful and Hall of Fame worthy football career. A man that had dated beautiful damsels such as Gabrielle Union…..ordinarily, such a man should have no problem meeting and bedding beautiful women, with their consent. Yet, this man chose to be a despicable low life, it’s mind boggling.
    I would say this, life is a slippery slope, and it takes one small step at a time to turn a seemingly normal person into a monster. Avoid the temptation of “trying it once”, because once you get away with it, you’ll surely repeat it.

  • Sweetrose78

    I don’t understand why these guys do such stupid things to jeopardize their lives and careers… I’m convinced that all those years of taking hits really messed up his brain.

  • Hooper

    I dont think he’s gulity of the ones who went anywhere with him. If you leave the club with a man you’re going with him to bake cookie screw these sluts