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15 Reactions To “Thrift Shop” Top Rap Song Of All Time Honor [PHOTOS]


The rap world still won’t let Macklemore get away with winning anything. Earlier today, Billboard named “Thrift Shop” the top rap single of all time, the backlash was pretty epic, and it’s still going strong.

If we’re being fair here, “Thrift Shop” is a pretty huge record.  Aside from going 7x platinum, and becoming one of only six singles to do so solely on sales, Macklemore’s ode to used clothing was the second-highest selling single of 2013, next that Robin Thicke, Pharrell and T.I. heater, “Blurred Lines.”

On the flips side, rap fans have been debating over Macklemore’s rap credentialS for a while now. We don’t really expect for rap the controversy and endless debates to die down, but in the meantime, Mack and Ryan Lewis are filling up their trophy case, racking up rap hatred (Drake wasn’t really a fan of the rapper’s Grammy apology text to Kendrick Lamar), and laughing all the way to the bank. The Seattle music duo that Hip-Hop loves to hate is worth a cool $16 million, and counting.



Billboard’s Top Rap Song honor is based on the numbers and not opinion, yet Twitter has no time for small and important details.

Take a look at 15 (good and bad) responses to their latest feat in the gallery below.


Photos: Twitter/Tumblr


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  • OutHerSpace….

    Im not reading anything ……For what ? I know its not the greatest of nothing , not even the greatest of 2013 so im going to just LMAOOO and throw on some real hip hop to get my day started…..mofos are trolling

    • calilife4me

      Gangnam Style by Psy is 42 on their list. One Pac song. Da-Dip beats out
      Heartless. Mac. and Lewis occupy the 1st and 4th spots. Their list is

  • Vanilla

    Let the hate begin from you coons. His music sold,numbers don’ t lie! Instead of going &stealing your favorite artist music offline, buy it. Don’t get mad because us vanilla’s support by buying unlike you thieving coons. Vanilla stay winning!

    • OutHerSpace….

      Lmaooo trolling at this time in the morning ? Too early for angry rants

    • Ayisha Carnival Queen

      You vanilla’s stay copying and sweating what Black People do!! PERIOD….

    • guest

      Sure you are not part of Macklemore’s inner circle, didn’t make a dime off the cd, so whats up with this ‘us’ thing.

    • Ambassador General Presidente

      You wrong but you sooooo right. Black folk been running around buying bootlegs and illegal downloads for so long that they cost their favorite rappers revenue and respect. This is what ya’ll reap. I ain’t even mad at Vanilla Gorilla for this one.

    • boy wonder

      stupid logic.

      Numbers lie in the sense that the numbers are biased in his favor due to his skin tone. Anytime someone appeals to white america, their number is going to be higher than those that appeal to black america. If the music you make deals with topics that white america finds more palatable, you sell more records. You have soccer moms who see macklemore being a white dude making kid friendly record and they automatically buy into it. They have the cash , so they buy his records. Numbers dont tell you anything about quality, just that white people buy a lot of it.

      If this is the case then vanilla ice “ice ice baby” is the greatest hiphop record ever!?

      Who is making this list? a bunch of white folks up at the magazine and therefore they go by what appeals to them and crackalemore clearly does mroe than others. Its all biased.

      The agenda is clear…make music with topics that whites find more palatable and win awards and get accolades galore.

      • regal84

        You are absolutely right…and if you make socially concious music that speaks about the ills of society and trials and tribulations of a young man trying to make it in America, you will be glossed over by a rapper who sold out for money and fame…


      You Vanilla’s stay stealing not copying

  • Ayisha Carnival Queen

    Who made this list? A mental challenged person? You have got to be kidding me…The greatest rap song of all time? are you serious? My blood is boiling right now

    • Spencer Cola

      The point is like vanilla said, it’s based on sales. This is Billboard’s poll and they deal in album sales not votes. White kids love Macklemore and they don’t have a problem piunking down .99 cents or $1.29 whatever the single costs. So they made it number one. If all black folk actually went out and bought black music instead of illegally copy and buy fake merch of their favorite artists then maybe this clown wouldn’t be on top.

  • Theodore Pendergrass

    Maybe the young aspiring artist will see this. We know this not true, But can’t we admit hip hop is in a bad place right now.

    • Taco 5000

      Hip hop is done. What more of a sign do you need? When disco died, it was because The Bee Gees and all these other white artists took it over and it became a watered-down joke and even old people were out there boogying on the dance floor and campy actors like Liza Minelli were making disco records. Do you really wanna wait around till you see Betty White bust a hip trying to break dance or do a Beyonce move?

      • White Shade Black Sun

        Now Taco, you had me rolling with the Betty White bit. Although, she has done rap before. LOL!

  • It is the top rap song of all time.But it’s definetly not hip hop.

  • guest

    Rap started as a niche catering to the urban community but other races enjoyed it. Now that it has been co-opted by big business it is more segregated than it was when Blacks controlled it. That is the problem with corporate America in a nutshell. It degrades everything it comes in contact with.

  • GuestwithacapG

    The Message, Juicy, Dear Momma, If I Ruled the World, Bombs Over Baghdad?.., and to be more than fair, Stan, Paul Revere?..

  • smackyobitchass

    It doesn’t matter what “they” perceive as the greatest rap song of all time… true hip hop /rap fans know what’s really the best… they are just TROLLING to get everyone upset.. lmao ignore them..

  • Taco5000

    Im not reading all that mess. It’s just a bunch of insults anyway. What’s in if for me? As for Mackerel and Lewfish, I really don’t care. If they sell that many singles it’s a testament to their effort and they deserve it. Ya’ll ninjas need to realize that this is a wakeup call that rap is over. Waaaay over. Time to move onto something else. Problem is to so many of ya’ll wanna-be artists is that rap was your savior because you really don’t need a lot of talent to rap. You don’t have to know anything about music, how to sing or how to play an instrument so ya’ll got fat off of this but time has come. This just proves that fact when they gave the King of Hip Hop title to these two vanilla sticks.

  • Guest0208

    All in all, Billboard, the RIAA, & the media will NEVER understand what TRUE hip-hop/rap, r&b, and soul really is!!!!!


  • guest2.0

    So forget about all the songs biggie Pac jayz naz snoop ll cool j has ever done???? gtfoh Smfh this is BS to tge max.

  • Gia Barroyo

    He is the poster child for dirty white trash, now he can buy soap and use a real bathtub

  • It’s disrespectful to the hip hop culture

  • Djprinceice

    I am glad for Maclemore winning. He did make great music. I take nothing from him with all of his success. He earned it, especially being an independent artist. That’s a lesson for all other artists DYING to get signed. Now, unless the world is as stupid as they think you are, you should just laugh at this greatest song post! If you’ve listened to rap for more than the last 15 years you know better. They posted this to get you all to do exactly what you’re doing now, getting stirred up, angry, biased, racist; let’s like good music and not be ignorant. One love.

  • KUSH

    The Billboard list is’t an opinion. Its based of actual data on sales/airplay. Unfortunately according to hard facts truth hurts

  • Brittany

    so you mean to tell me that that song was bigger than Not Afraid and all the other classic hip hop/rap hits? smh

  • Krystal

    So when has music been about numbers? That’s lame they need to educate themselves

  • Denmark_Vesey1

    Cr@kkkas stole blues, rock-n-roll and now hip-hop….