Kevin L. Clark

The 25 Most Ignorant Twitter Reactions To Lil Boosie’s Livestream


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Photo: Twitter

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  • keke

    Aside from the ignorance surrounding this whole issue, my question is how dies someone serve 8 years for marijuana possession? Killers don’t even get that kind of time….people of color get harsh sentences. Ijs

    • keke

      How does* not dies. My bad

    • BamaChick256

      Right, but George Zimmerman goes free for taking a black child’s life. And was spotted signing autographs at a gun show of all places

  • The_Good_Life

    Bossie raps for those who think Dr. MLk was a medical doctor.

    • African Royalty

      You comment was funnier then the ones I read from the article!

  • BamaChick256

    Hmmm, this man just got out of prison and the only thing people can do is make fun of him? So tell me, how perfect is your miserable life? Let him be, smh Petty af!

  • mesoclever

    Haters to the max, I like Boosie and I dont fit any of those sterotypical tweets. I like Boosie cuz his voice is different, hes from the South, his music is fun to bounce to in the club or at home, and to support him as an artist thats trying to move out of the hood.