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Obey Your Thirst: Nicki Minaj Poses In Bikini In Mexico [PHOTOS]


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  • I can see

    Breathtaking #reallythebaddest

  • Ardeare

    Sure would like to get some of that. If she let me put it in, I’d pump like crazy! I’d eat that……with a spoon! I wouldn’t stop until the eyes rolled in the back of…………………………MY head!

  • John Smith

    Ew….. some pictures just cannot be “unseen”.

  • Nitrobucket

    god bless us fake boobies everyone

  • vvv

    ugly much?

  • johnh1225 .

    she looks like any other 3rd ward hood rat

  • Pablo makes fun of mental midg

    Skank personified.

  • StefsterNYC

    That’s the Hilton just outside of Cabo in the background. We love it there.

  • NewtonMinnow

    Nice TITS.

  • Guest

    Gross Chimp

  • Eric Matterson

    She is more attractive without the colored hair and strange outfits

  • nosuprise


  • BluelineMike

    Way to big butted for me

  • tnuocca

    Is there a drop of silicon left on the planet?