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By All Means Necessary: 20 Friends Plugging Their Rapper Homies For XXL Freshmen 2014 [PHOTOS]



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  • S Jo

    I don’t understand why Nikki Minaj has been
    the only female rapper that has been
    allowed to make money & rap in the
    last 8 years or so!
    Her lyrics are elementary!
    I rapped better than her when I was actually
    in elementary! I bet that most of us
    on this site can rap better lyrics than

    • S Jo

      Just off the top of my head real quick:

      When men look @ me, their d!!!cks get happy
      When men look @ me, their d!!!cks get happy
      I said, when me look @ me their diiicks get
      But if u don’t spoil me with money,
      You can’t have me!
      I’m a Queen, I need a King,
      Clean green money & yes I need that bling!
      Haha! What’s up?!!!

      • S Jo

        Dang, u know Nikki Manaj fell off,
        when no one even clicks on her butt on
        a blog site! But since I’m bored,
        don’t have sh!!t else to do, I will think of
        raps by myself:

        Let me think of another off the top….

        All these clown raps,
        They need to take’em back!
        Even Halle Berry said Nikki
        was the real “Baps”!

  • Lo Thurman

    How are you going to not mention Big Sean Shouting out Earlly Mac on Twitter ? He was the biggest rap co sign out the whole list !!