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By All Means Necessary: 20 Friends Plugging Their Rapper Homies For XXL Freshmen 2014 [PHOTOS]


Springtime means class is back in session for another crop of XXL Freshmen and Twitter is definitely buzzing in anticipation for the unveiling of the 10 rappers whose lives and careers will be permanently altered.

Even if it means going to the extra mile for a co-sign or shameless plug.

According to XXL magazine, their XXL Freshmen 2014 list is just about done, save for the tenth spot which is open to public voting. The artist who obtains the most votes and isn’t already amongst the selected nine, gets the cover.

That said, even well-known rappers, managers and right-hand men are stepping up to ensure their homie gets the coveted spot.

Past “People’s Champ” winners Iggy Azalea and Dizzy Wright didn’t forget where they came from either, and both chimed in with their respective co-signs that could prove to be a game changer.

We’ll know soon enough after you vote but for now, check out the gallery to see who was trying to coerce you into vouching for whom.

Photo: Twitter, Instagram/Tiffany Foxx

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  • S Jo

    I don’t understand why Nikki Minaj has been
    the only female rapper that has been
    allowed to make money & rap in the
    last 8 years or so!
    Her lyrics are elementary!
    I rapped better than her when I was actually
    in elementary! I bet that most of us
    on this site can rap better lyrics than

    • S Jo

      Just off the top of my head real quick:

      When men look @ me, their d!!!cks get happy
      When men look @ me, their d!!!cks get happy
      I said, when me look @ me their diiicks get
      But if u don’t spoil me with money,
      You can’t have me!
      I’m a Queen, I need a King,
      Clean green money & yes I need that bling!
      Haha! What’s up?!!!

      • S Jo

        Dang, u know Nikki Manaj fell off,
        when no one even clicks on her butt on
        a blog site! But since I’m bored,
        don’t have sh!!t else to do, I will think of
        raps by myself:

        Let me think of another off the top….

        All these clown raps,
        They need to take’em back!
        Even Halle Berry said Nikki
        was the real “Baps”!

  • Lo Thurman

    How are you going to not mention Big Sean Shouting out Earlly Mac on Twitter ? He was the biggest rap co sign out the whole list !!