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Bogus Buttcheeks: The Top 12 Alleged Fake Cakes In The Game [PHOTOS]


Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore

2015 NBC Universal Cable Entertainment Upfront – Red Carpet Arrivals
photo: Ivan Nikolov/WENN.com

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta star claims that her backside is all hers, although co-star Phaedra Parks claims it’s not.

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  • guest

    kandi burress

    • mela bear

      I thought I was the only one who thought that lol

    • Don’t believe it

      Naw, Kandi is overweight so I am sure her big mama bootee is all ham, macaroni, chitlins, hog maws, biscuits, and pancakes.

  • lol

    All those women are fake ..Jlo included ..even jlo’s hubby said she had a butt job… khloe kardashian also,,, but the 2 biggest fakers that lie about it are KIM k and COCO T,, and now we got ons of fake butt white girls..jen selter is one,, amazing amy another one and this slore name kip force also.. where were the big booty white girls a while bsck and we sll know butts comes from your genes and heritage ..look at their moms and grandmas..no bootys!

    • jrue

      You obviously don’t know a lot of white girls, mine has a 42 inch butt. Unbelievable and all natural….. Amazing

    • hello

      I agree there were never any small white girls with big booties until a big booty became popular for non-blacks.

  • lol

    some blk women too but its the ones in the industry that feel they have to compete with the bug fake booty white girls.. go to the hood where the blk women dont have money for butt jobs and all you see is booty,, even on skinny blk girls… that broad sarah on the bad girls club booty is fake as ever.. and the sad part about it is why is it the ones with the fake bootys go for blk men… and that iggy azalea chick ..wtf is wrong with that lizard liooking woman..calling herself a damn rapper… black female rappers dont prance around on stage with a onsie on and their cooch hanging out ..thats how she is on stage with T I… what a bunch of black D chasing slores!

    • steph

      Nicki minaj does she walks around in less than a onesie dancing on drake when she had a man

  • Ebony

    Call me a hater all you want but I am so over these celebrities that suppose to be such bad bishes and your body is so fake. People like Nicki Minaj, K.Michele, Kim K, Erica Mena etc they would never admit to having some butt injections cause they didn’t….I will give them that. But, taking all the fat from your mid section and stuffing it in your butt is just as disgusting. Every female on tv now have a 20inch waist and 36 hips…c’mon. It looks dumb. Nicki looks dumb…her legs is so small and nobody mysteriously grow their hips out that wide in that short of time…K.Michele looks like someone stuff something down her pants, its just out of hand now. I do not considering them bad bishes…not taking anything away from their talent but NO. LisaRaye, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, Eve, Trina have real looking bodies…real look butts. Love Kelly Rowland and Ciara body…its just to much now. I wonder how that will effect their bodies as they get older cause it just look disgusting

    • Angel bluu

      If there’s a shoot out I wonder how k Michelle would look running

  • asdzani

    only one who looks natural outta the list is Iggy..her thighs match her booty…proportion wise

    • hello

      Iggy butt is fake you can find pics of it…..

  • Tanya

    NIcki A little work? Speculated? go look at before and after pics!!!

  • MocaPretty

    K Michelle looks like a damn dwarf!

  • Angel bluu

    Google is our find people pictures are worth a thousand words and surprises

  • Aang


  • Airwreaka

    nicki gots d fake Cake fa sho mane

  • Mario L. Toney

    Y’all should Google ‘k Michelle before and after’. She’s had way more work done than you think. The grill is really f..ked up. My crush is gone completely. I knew her attitude was sh.ty for some reason.

  • Mario L. Toney

    Just a thought…..if someone has all this work done, men or women, don’t have a baby with them. The kids may come out needing the same ‘adjustments’ that their store bought parent had.