Trent Clark

Louisiana Man Freed After 26 Years On Death Row [PHOTOS]



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  • buck

    whats wrong the people whom did that to him need to be brought up on charges hold them rsponsible so they can get it right

    • KeepingItReal

      The day they hold white people accountable for unjustly incarcerating him is the day they bring charges of kidnap and brutality against white people who held blacks as slaves….

      • MuFuJones

        where in the story did it say the people responsible for his incarceration are white?? maybe they were black… you know what they say about people that ASSUME!

      • Gingerbread31

        They were not Black and you’re an A$$ if you assume otherwise.

  • Starrr

    That’s some BS and it pisses me off and breaks my heart. A cap at 250k! What??!! No amount of money would EVER come close to compensating this man, but 250k is an insult. My gosh. I hope he takes this to the Supreme Court. Or something!

    What a fvcking shame! 30 dam years!

    Backwards asss, retarded asss Louisiana!

    What horrible thing to happen to an innocent man.

    • sycamore

      It should be 250 MILLION. This justice system is a darn shame.

    • Gingerbread31

      Backwards asss, retarded asss Louisiana…my state and sadly, I agree with you 100%!

      • Starrr

        No offense to the people. Louisiana is an awesome state as far as the people, the culture and the history goes.

  • guess

    Hope he gets ALL his just due. Not suprised how they treated him.

    • KeepingItReal

      There’s no way to get “just due” when they take 30 years of your life…during your prime.

  • lol

    Thats a damn sahme, that dirty ole white justice system needs the brakes beat off them.. thats a low down shame and then they run and put up all those fake a$$ statistics on blk people , they say 82% of black people are criminals and in jail ..well 50% of them seems to be falsely put there! take your white a$$ stats and stick em where the sun dont shine.

    • lol

      typo.. shame…

  • tracy

    I believe there are innocent people in prison and on death row. I oppose the death penalty because innocent people are falsely convicted and executed. I truly wish him well. Smh…

  • eyeswideopen

    They don’t really care about us. Stand for something or fall for anything.

  • MuFuJones

    this is so sad and sickening! how many innocent people sit and die in jail because of the in-justice system in our country?? although he will likely come into a lot of money, is 30 years of your life worth it?? i would rather have my 30 years of life instead of your money. he should sue for way more than they offer him. HE DESERVES IT!

  • DRUNK247

    He truly deserves some head from every woman in Louisiana

    • KeepingItReal

      Guys can give head, too. Why don’t you oblige him?…lol

      • Gingerbread31

        I’m so glad you answered that a$$hole! What a stupid comment on such a serious issue!!