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Bangin Candy: Rach aka The Thick Woman Spotted With Lil Terrio [PHOTOS]


Allow us to introduce you to a woman with a lot of hump to get your over this day. We came across our latest Bangin Candy, Rach (we assume this is a nickname for Rachel), on Instagram (@im_lovelyy), and we think you’ll be happy with our selection, despite not this beauty’s full name.

From what we can tell, the Spanish fly lives in South Beach. But that’s enough assuming for now. Let’s focus on the concrete facts. Rach is a certified snack box to say the least, and there’s no way to doubt the legitimacy of that statement from head to toe.

With more than enough assets to match her good looks, you can catch her on the beach catching sun rays.

In a funny turn of events, she was spotted with web sensation Lil TerRio, who seemed to take as much of a liking to her as we did. See flicks of Rach in the gallery on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram, MoTease Photography

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  • Truth Hurts

    Now remind me how our future Black men are suppose grow up “respecting” Black women when this type of sh-t is going on?

  • johnjohhn

    this chick is a stripper at tootsie’s and EVERYTHING on her body is FAKE.

  • CrashC

    Oh, lord, please let me live to see another 30 years so I can see how these fame slores, (once their looks go, bodies turn into an eldery tattooed mess and child support/trap payments end) turn out. I just want to ask…just one of them (while they’re handing me my meal) “Was it worth it?”

  • Why?

    Fake or not that tattoo ruined her butt. Damn shame too.


    Ratch aka ratchet thick bi tch