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8 Child Internet Stars Being Exploited By Their Parents [VIDEO]


Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson

This show seems like it’s as fruitful a look for little Honey Boo Boo’s family as it is for the the child beauty pageant contestant.

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  • buck

    the problem is this to many people judging other folks actions

  • eli wol

    But you are also exploiting them as well…

  • buck

    hey exploiting how white mothers do it everday beuty pagants um tv moms so why is their a problem when black parents do it double standards i never seen anyone calling out kids parents at nickaloaden

  • buck

    you get these little white kids parents they are ruthless but their tactics are never called out lets start in hollywood before we worry about the hood bs aint nothin

  • SMEOBTheGreatest

    I hate to see fat-ass obese children

    Parents need to do better.

  • MacingFacing

    @Buck is a prime example of a lost black generation. We as black people are the ultimate people of this Earth. The original and when we see fuckery being pulled together by our race…YES we shall critique and talk about the negative energy that it is bringing to the community. **We sent the caucazoids off to the mountain for a reason**, because they are the beast that condone in fuckery and spread it like a wildfire. Sorry, but I will continue to hate when I see black folks continuing to sink further into the barrel.

  • Marty!

    Lil Poopy (I can’t believe I just typed that) is not too bad. His daddy put up some decent rhymes. Too bad that kid will probably turn into a huge A-howl, but still entertaining while it’s innocent…but you know that innocence will not last when he gets older. Too many stacks. No way he’ll stay humble.

  • Marty!

    LRN never had a chance.