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Not Guilty: 6 Cases Of Wrongful Convictions [PHOTOS]

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photo: WLS-TV

Daniel Taylor

Daniel Taylor wasn’t even legal when he was arrested for double murder, despite police records proving he wasn’t involved. In 1992, 17-year-old Taylor and Deon Patric were arrested over the shooting death of two people. Taylor was in jail for disorderly conduct at the time of the murder. He and Patric were arrested two weeks after the murders. Taylor falsely confessed (because of police pressure) and spent 20 years in prison.

The confessions was the only evidence used to convict the two men, even though records show that Taylor was physically unable to commit the murders. The Chicago Tribune investigated the case in 2011 and unearthed more proof of Taylor’s incense, which eventually led to the court dropping charges against him.  He was released in June of last year, and Patric was freed in January 2014.

Taylor filed a wrongful conviction lawsuit last month.

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  • Rashida

    A travesty of justice that these black men were locked up like animals for a crime they didn’t commit. A sin and a shame. Not sure how those pigs who sent them there can sleep at night knowing what they have done.

    • TheStacyKeys

      Why can’t they lock up the prosecutor, witnesses and officers, who lied and covered up, so these innocents spent a long time in jail?