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Not Guilty: 6 Cases Of Wrongful Convictions [PHOTOS]


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LaMonte Armstrong

LaMonte Armstrong was wrongfully convicted of murdering his college professor in 1998. Armstrong was sentenced to life in prison and served 17 years. A judge overturned his conviction thanks in part to the help of Duke Law School students. The real killer was implicated by a bloody handprint left at the crime scene.

Authorities reportedly withheld evidence, and lied to keep Armstrong locked up.

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  • Rashida

    A travesty of justice that these black men were locked up like animals for a crime they didn’t commit. A sin and a shame. Not sure how those pigs who sent them there can sleep at night knowing what they have done.

    • TheStacyKeys

      Why can’t they lock up the prosecutor, witnesses and officers, who lied and covered up, so these innocents spent a long time in jail?