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Ebro Darden Steps Down As Program Director At Hot 97


Ebro Darden has stepped down from his longtime position as Program Director of New York City radio station Hot 97. Also a radio personality, he will remain on the air and continue as PD until his replacement is found.

It’s no coincidence that this move was made as a new VH1 reality series called This Is Hot 97 is set to begin airing at the end of the month. On Twitter, Darden confirmed that he had to make a choice between being on the show, which goes behind the scenes of Hot 97, and running the station’s programming.

A Twiter user asked Darden why and there was a job posting for his gig and he provided insight. “yea man… Can’t do everything forever. Gotta choose… Creative or Corporate… Which one u pick?, tweeted Darden. “They was like so wait, u got mornings and now TV? How u gone do spread sheets, conference calls & meetings…? Pick Ebro…”

The “they” Darden is referring to are his superiors at Emmis Communications, Hot 97’s owners.

All Access reports that an official statement was also released: “”Fortunately, I have had tremendous success doing both on-air and PD roles, and EMMIS let me choose where I would be happiest.  Mornings, TV and assisting in programming makes sense with everything HOT 97 and I have happening today, so I chose creative over corporate.  See you all at 5a tomorrow.”

The first episode of This Is Hot 97 airs Monday, March 31 at 10:30pm ET on VH1. Check out the latest extended trailer below.

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Photo: VH1

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