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Men Claim NYPD Arrested Them For Refusing To Hand Over White Castle Burgers


The amount of struggle in this story is so epic that it probably is true. Two Brooklyn men are suing the NYPD because they were allegedly arrested for refusing to hand over their White Castle burgers to cops. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

It was Halloween 2012 in Coney Island, the neighborhood reeling from Hurricane Sandy, when Danny Maisonet and Kenneth Glover had a craving for sliders.

They were getting out of a taxicab, carrying a bag of the burgers, when they walked into cops rounding up a group of men suspected of looting a supermarket on Neptune Ave., lawyer Robert Marinelli said in the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The cops — it’s unclear if they were kidding or starved out of their minds — demanded the bag of food. The plaintiffs refused to turn over the burgers.

Instead of getting cursed out or told to move, Maisonet and Glover claim the officers delivered a fade and handcuffs.

Glover and Maisonet claim they were struck with flashlights and handcuffed. They were charged with obstructing government administration and disorderly conduct — not looting.

Officer Angelo Pizzarro swore in the complaint that Glover and Maisonet were standing in his way and forced him to walk around them while struggling with the alleged looters.

The charges the two men were initially hit with were eventually dismissed.

Seems like they got a case. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Nessa Fox

    I.believe them. Cops think they can do whatever they want just because they have a stupid badge and gun. F*ck them I hope they lose their jobs

    • hwy505


      • Nessa Fox

        Said the doctor to your mother when she gave birth to you

  • Charla

    Seems like they were probably hyping the situation and the cops told them to move on. I hate when people try to go to the public with a story trying to make themselves look like saints.

    • boonevincent .

      You came to that conclusion because you were there?

      • Charla

        It’s always the same story with ninjas. Stuff is never their fault.

      • boonevincent .

        It’s always the same stupid people like you making ASSumptions.

  • jay

    Yess this is very true.. my friend was in the same mix up in brooklyn and the cops saw only a few people getting food to eat because it was no electricity people were starving. They started grabbing every1 and charging them with 3rd degree felonies and just making up lies to get a case. So sad.. NYPD is the biggest gang in NY. #Facts

    • hwy505

      Too bad your mom didn’t abort you.

  • African Royalty

    That’s pigs for you I’m eating them burgers in their faces while yelling fvck the police!