Trent Clark

School Bans 9-Year-Old’s My Little Pony Backpack Because Of Bullying [PHOTOS]



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  • Bee Champagne

    Is they going to pay her for the backpack she spent her hard earned money on. I dnt think so! He should be able to wear whatever he wants! I dnt hear anything about them punishing the bullies though.

  • Goobie Gillis

    This is exactly what is wrong with America
    Freedom to pursue happiness is not upheld.
    He is not free
    The school and law enforcement should protect HIS rights! Instead the “System” supports Mob Mentality.
    I would Sue the pants off the school…..
    This bullying is what HAS to Stop
    Until people can be who they want or are without being attacked, humans no better than animals.

  • William Jackson

    On the one hand the administration is right that this item will tend to draw bullying but they gave in instead of doing the right thing. And that would be coming down hard on bullying, a teachable moment has been wasted. The bullies got the wrong message and so did the victim.