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Troubled Lives: 10 Celebrities Who Died From Suicide Hangings [PHOTOS]


Jonathan Brandis

Photo: Wikipedia Commons/airwolfberlin/Janet Macoska

Photo: Wikipedia Commons/airwolfberlin/Janet Macoska

Popular teen idol actor Jonathan Brandis rose to fame as the star of NBC series seaQuest DSV. After his popularity waned, Brandis continued in bit roles but never handled the decline of his career. His attempted hanging suicide on November 11, 2003 led to his death from the injuries he sustained a couple of days later on November 13.

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  • imright

    i think Alex McQueen sacrificed his mthr & was over come w guilt & killed hisself!

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    U see no Black’s hang themselves….. Shiiit the yt hung us enough for the rest of eternity!

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    Joy Division??? Daaaamn!
    Good job bawsip.. I’m impressed!

    She’s lost control- and Transmission are dope songs!

    Ya’ll negggas don’t waste your time checkin 4 it.. Bc you won’t like it.

  • African Royalty

    I always wondered what happened to the host of family feud now I know smh.

  • African Royalty

    Daaamn Jonathan Brandis too smh