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Fine China: 10 Things Chris Brown Should Do In Solitary Confinement [PHOTOS]


Life got so real for Chris Brown this week that it might be time for an intervention.  We’ve watched Brown’s go up against the legal system more than once since his 2009 assault on Rihannaa, and he tends to lose every time.

Attacking Rih Rih will probably always affect his public persona, but he’s also to blame for bringing on a lot of the trouble by himself. The arrests and lawsuits are piling up, which means the legal bills are astronomical at this point, and the last thing this guy needs is more foolery eating away at his ends. If he’s not careful though, he could go broke and extend his jail stay at the same time — hopefully that won’t happen.

As of Monday’s court hearing Brown will be spending the next month behind bars (unless his lawyer can get him out early by reaching a settlement in a separate case from D.C.), separate from general population. A month in jail might be good for Breezy because he could use a little time to think, and do some other things that will help him get back on the right path.

Check the gallery for 10 things Chris Brown can do while in solitary confinement.

Keep your heard up Breezy.

Photos: Instagram/YouTube

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  • Sebe

    Keep your head up, Breezy!

  • Bottom Line

    I hope he comes out a musical BEAST! What doesn’t kill u makes u stronger chris.

    • Ebony

      Sorry trick but no one wants to hear Chris Clown bubblegum crappy pop music.

  • 2RealTho

    Yall, Ballsip, and MediaFakeOut write an article about Chris Brown everygotdamnday……what’s tomorrow headliner “Chris Brown’s 1st prison meal

  • guest

    Turn a negative into a positive. Use each experience as a tool to learn from

  • smackyobitchass

    I don’t care what nobody say Chris on the dl.. not that there’s anything wrong with that

  • Tanya

    If he was my mann id take em to church! Lol

  • oldschool

    God is working on you pray go head and fast and pray but do it for God you will be alright Read that Bible God want you to give him some time
    Rest I am praying for you